Ham and Cheese Breakfast Egg-Tacos

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Egg-Tacos

Having a mixed bag of food allergies and intolerances in our family makes certain dinner ideas and concepts a challenge...but what I love about this one...it easily catered to my egg-free child and my gluten-free child, both of whom happen to be dairy free as well. Ryan enjoyed this ham and egg rollup that you see above...even had a second 'egg tortilla.' Tyler enjoyed a ham … [Read more...]

Salsa Verde Breakfast Tacos

Salsa Verde Breakfast Tacos Recipe blog

Okay y'all...first of all...these breakfast tacos are AMAZING. My husband, who has become quite the "taste tester" over the years, went on and on and on and on about these being the best breakfast tacos. BUT...this meal wasn't without incident. After dinner, I noticed that Tyler had developed a rash on his chin and by the time bedtime rolled around (not long after dinner!), … [Read more...]

Christmas Day Brunch Recipe Round-Up

egg nog french toast bake 6

Ahhh, Christmas morning. The excitement, the fun, the "wow, I love it!" exclamations, the tearing of paper, the mess, the noise, the utter bliss with your family. Until. The tummies start grumbling and cries of "What's for breakfast?" start to be heard. Everyone does Christmas breakfast/brunch a little differently. Some like quick meals that were prepared the night … [Read more...]

Roasted Poblano Pepper Quiche


Egg pie. That's what my about to be 4 year old called this quiche. He has become quite the sous chef in the past few weeks...always coming into the kitchen and helping me cook. I've started to let him help me crack the eggs (highly supervised still!) and taught him it's better to crack on the counter than the edge of the bowl, and how to keep the yolk from running all over … [Read more...]

Zesty Egg Salad

Zesty Egg Salad

I <3 egg salad. I really, really <3 egg salad. (I wish that I could include a cute little puffy, pounding heart...because I really like and love egg salad.) If I'm not having a green salad for lunch, chances are I'm having egg salad, on a sandwich or with pita chips. Well, I recently gave my typical egg salad a makeover by including some horseradish and green onions. … [Read more...]