Mango, Strawberry Green Smoothie ~ NEW 31 Days of Budget Friendly Paleo Recipes

Fiesta Smoothie

How often do you drink smoothies? Do you ever drink green smoothies? If not, you are missing out! Our entire family loves green smoothies an we are plowing through all the Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs that I made as part of the 85 Breakfasts & Snacks from Costco for $150 meal plan. Just last night, Cuatro (2 years old) pulled me into the laundry room...where I thought he … [Read more...]

Double Chocolate Scones

Double Chocolate Scones from

You had me at hello. I mean, chocolate. You had me at chocolate. Then you really had me at Double Chocolate. I'm still debating with myself whether to call these breakfast or snack or dessert. Maybe I should just call them all three. Maybe a weekend breakfast, an afternoon snack and a late night treat. Whenever you want to serve them, just serve them. I won't … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites Recipe

Oh sweet baby goodness. If I could share these through the screen, I would! Bite, bite, bite. All it takes is 3 bits to polish one of these babies off. Maybe 2 bites. These cookie dough bites are eggless, they can be made gluten-free (subbing 1-1 with GF flour blend), and dairy-free if you use a dairy-free margarine. I'm all about the versatile and these are versatile and … [Read more...]