Alea’s Apple, Cranberry, and Chicken Wraps

by Alea on September 10, 2013

The mornings are getting cooler. It’s almost beginning to feel like fall. And with cooler weather comes the cool weather crops. Apples, cranberries, and cabbage will be on sale soon in your grocery stores. I have already noticed that the prices on apples are dropping at the same time the quality is improving. That’s the […]


Grilled Chicken with Mango & Avocado Salsa

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on September 4, 2013

Lately, I’ve been spending more time on Google+. (Come on over and say hi!) I still don’t “get it” completely and it hasn’t become a part of my routine like Facebook and Pinterest are, but I do come across the most delicious and droolworthy desserts and meals. Like this Salted Caramel Skillet Brownie. (I’m not […]


Slow Cooker Ranchero Chicken Recipe

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on August 26, 2013

Hey, hey back to school-ers!!! It is that time of year when the frenzy gets frenzier (more frenzied?) and the impossible task of getting dinner on the table is, well, impossible. In an attempt to stay out of the drive through lane in the early evening, and to keep my children fed for lunch (my […]


Tricia’s Garden Stir Fry Recipe

by Tricia H on August 22, 2013

Garden vegetables and your favorite meat – all stirred up in one dish – make for a simple, healthy and quick meal! Each time I make stir fry, the ingredients vary. This time I used a medley of broccoli and cauliflower I found on sale in the produce section. Chicken breasts, sliced thin and seasoned […]


Slow Cooker Sesame Ginger Chicken

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on August 21, 2013

So this is totally Type A nerdy…but I’ve totally been “practicing” for back to school time. The older boys start school on Monday, and little-middle starts preschool after Labor Day. So we’ve been trying to get back to a more normal “eat dinner time,” which has been completely erratic all summer (as it should be). […]


This is a great way to use some leftover cooked chicken and makes a wonderful lunch or dinner that doesn’t require heating up the kitchen!  Here it is shown paired with Magda’s Czech Style Potato Salad (also leftover from the night before) . Chicken & Veggie Wraps with Homemade Greek Yogurt Yield – 3 servings Preparation […]


Slow Cooker Chicken with Apples & Rosemary

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on August 9, 2013

Recipe Image Coming Soon! This recipe is part of the 20 Slow Cooker Freezer Packs from Costco for $150 meal plan. Note that this is written as a single recipe, but is doubled in the Costco meal plan, so you will have enough ingredients to make 2 packs.  Slow Cooker Chicken with Apples & Rosemary Yield […]


Chicken Fajita Quesadillas

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on July 22, 2013

Now that we are back in the land of Tex-Mex, and really cheap Tex-Mex ingredients, I can’t get enough…we can’t get enough. I feel like I’m making Tex-Mex once or twice a week…because ingredients are so cheap, and everyone loves to chow down. Enchiladas, layered enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas…and now chicken fajitas meet quesadillas. Whatever it […]


Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on July 5, 2013

This recipe is part of the 9 Organic Meals from Costco for $100 Plan.  I love simple, load and go meals in the slow cooker. They make my life simple…and I especially love this one because my entire family will eat this without a grumble. Including the 18 month old! With this recipe, it helps […]

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Slow Cooker Lemon & Garlic Chicken

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on June 26, 2013

It’s really unfortunate that photos can’t communicate taste. And flavor infusion. Because seriously, I can taste the lemon and garlic flavors that infused perfectly into the chicken and the potatoes…just looking at the photo. I was actually quite surprised…as I’ve made a number of different garlic-chicken-potatoes slow cooker meals in the past, but not this […]