Asian Ramen Noodle Salad ~ NEW 31 Days of 31 Minute Dinners

Chilled Ramen Salad Recipe

Ok. Let's talk about this salad really fast. I'm including it in this 31-Minutes Meals series for a few reasons. But there's a 'but.' This Asian Ramen Noodle Salad is so so so good. Not only because of the rich flavor of the homemade dressing. But because it's CHEAP. Cole slaw is cheap. Ramen is cheap. (Yes, I toss the seasoning packet. Ick.) Chicken (when bought on … [Read more...]

BBQ Chicken French Bread Pizza ~ NEW 31 Days of 31 Minute Dinners

BBQ Chicken Pizza Final Close

Pizza. We love pizza just as much as the next family does. And while I love to make my own dough (usually in the bread machine), some days I just don't have my act together or I forget to start the dough in time to be ready to get the pizza in the oven at a reasonable dinner hour. On those frazzled and trying days, I often turn to a "french bread pizza." I keep loaf bread … [Read more...]

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta ~ NEW 31 Days of 31 Minute Dinners

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta Recipe-4

I think if there was really such a thing as "comfort food heaven," this would be the first pasta served in the buffet. I have vivid memories of eating Chicken Cordon Bleu as a child. VIVID ones. Let's just say that my mom was not a fan of cooking. The "I love cooking" gene skipped a generation from my grandma to me. But my mom was fortunate enough to be rescued sometime in … [Read more...]

Homemade Chicken and Biscuits with Barbecue Fry Sauce ~ NEW 31 Days of 31 Minute Dinners

Chicken and Biscuits with BBQ Fry Sauce |

  Did someone say "comfort food?" "QUICK, delicious Southern comfort food" that is? Everything about this recipe and this meal just screams delicious. From the easy to whip up BBQ Fry Sauce (I bet you have both ingredients in your fridge already!) to the homemade battered chicken strips. To the homemade biscuits. The key with getting this done quickly is doing … [Read more...]

Potato Chip Chicken Strips ~ NEW 31 Days of 31 Minute Dinners

Potato Chip Chicken Strips Recipe

Better. The best chicken strips I've ever made...maybe!?  These homemade chicken strips are so, so, so, so much better than other chicken strips. I think it's the combination of the salty potato chips with the sour cream and paprika based dipping process. Oh, and the fact that the kids made these completely on their own. My oldest son is 10 years old and I'm really … [Read more...]