Loaded Potato Frittata ~ 31 Days of Skillet Dinner Recipes


If I had to pick my most favorite frittata of all time, it might be this one. Might. I say might, only because I have a hard time calling anything my favorite because I just love food. And breakfast for dinner. And baked potatoes. And baked potatoes in frittata form. Bacon, potato bits, cheese, chives or green onions, sour cream dollop. I think I've said enough. Add … [Read more...]

Spinach & Bacon Frittata ~ 31 Days of Skillet Dinner Recipes


We're a week into the 31 Days of Skillet Dinner recipes and I'm wondering if you've seen a method to my Skillet Dinner madness yet? There a few different 'concepts' for skillet cooking...there's the pasta and meat concept. There's the breakfast in a skillet concept. There's the chicken and rice concept. The stir-fry way of skillet-ing. And there's also the frittata … [Read more...]

Chorizo Frittata

Breakfast Chorizo Frittata | 5DollarDinners.com

Love me some chorizo! It's my favorite kind of breakfast taco to order from our nearby jalisco. (A jalisco is a type of Tex-Mex restaurant here in San Antonio, specializing in food made from the Jalisco region in Mexico.) There's one about 10 minutes from our house that has the very.best.breakfast.tacos.ever. We don't go out for breakfast very often (once every 2 months … [Read more...]

Ham & Potatoes Saute with Baked Eggs ~ 31 Days of Skillet Dinner Recipes


Brinner, Brinner, Ham and Hashbrowns for Brinner! (Or weekend breakfast works too!) Check out this super scrumptious and fantabulous breakfast skillet idea. It's sauteed potatoes and peppers (either fresh or frozen Potatoes O'Brien blend) plus some ham and eggs. You could even get crazy during Dr. Seuss's birthday week and add some diced avocado on top for a 'green eggs … [Read more...]

Monkey Breakfast Salad

Monkey Breakfast Salad on 5DollarDInners.com

I'm always looking for new breakfast ideas. And when I saw this one on Pinterest, I knew instantly that it would become part of my regular rotation. I often make the kids baked oatmeal, or muffins, or scrambled eggs for breakfast, but find myself usually making something different. When they have cereal and sausage, I grab a muffin from the freezer to eat in the car during … [Read more...]