Skillet Nachos ~ New 31 Days of Skillet Dinners Recipe!

Skillet Nachos Recipe

Ok. More iphone picts. I apologize that they aren't as great as what we usually share. I have found my SD card and will get back to regular photos in Feb! Let's talk about these skillet nachos and why we love them. It's all in one pan. You know how I love One Dish meals. I devoted an entire cookbook to them. This is basically all the flavors of 7 Layer Dip...just … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Smoky Brisket & Cajun 15 Bean Soup – Big Flavor for the Big Game!

Brisket & 15 Bean Soup Recipe

Oh my smoky good-gracious-ness. Please, take a spoon and reach through the screen for a bite. I picked up half a pound of brisket from a nearby BBQ joint and dropped into the slow cooker with a bag of beans and other pantry staples...and WOW-WY! This is a fantastic way to use up any leftover BBQ meat...or you could just order extra next time you go out! I love pairing … [Read more...]

Sausage, Potato & Pepper Skillet Dinner ~ New 31 Days of Skillet Dinners Recipe!

Sausage Potato Skillet Dinner

I am raising a bunch of meat and 'taters boys in this house....the proof being in the way that they polished off their sausage and potatoes. This is a meal that I turn to often...whether I make it in the skillet or a slow cooker version, we all love it! Couple notes and modifications for this recipe: Add a chopped onion. I usually do. Completely forgot to this … [Read more...]

Beef Tamale Skillet Dinner ~ 31 Days of Skillet Dinner Recipes


Adore these Tex-Mex flavors and the fact that you get your entire meal cooked in one skillet! This Beef Tamale Skillet Dinner was originally shared with me by a reader and I couldn't not make it. Tamales are a traditional Christmas food around San Antonio and we enjoyed a round (or three!) of tamales this past Christmas. While we aren't adding the corn 'masa' that you would … [Read more...]

Sausage & Cabbage Skillet Dinner

Sasuage Cabbage Skillet Dinner

Need dinner on the table in 10 minutes? You can totally do that with this recipe! Since this recipe calls for pre-cooked kielbasa or other kind of sausage, you can literally have this on the table in 10 minutes. It takes 2-3 minutes to cut up the cabbage. Another few minutes for it to soften up in the skillet. Chop up an onion and throw it in too. DUNZO. {Here's how to … [Read more...]