Grilled Flank Steak with Tomatillo Salsa + New 31 Days of 31 Minute Dinner Series

Grilled Flank Steak with Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

This, my friend. This meal was so so so so scrumptious. The rice, the beans, the steak...and the spicy, fresh tomatillo salsa. The spicy part is entirely optional, so don't let that scare you away. Flank steak is a fantastic cut of meat - it's inexpensive, takes on flavor well and grills up in a matter of minutes. And tomatillos - they have such a rich and fresh … [Read more...]

Southwest Shells with Beans and Corn

Southwest Shells with Beans and Corn |

Smoky, smoky, smoky! The flavor in this simple pasta salad gets kicked up a few notches by adding 2 spices to the mayo before you toss it all together. My guess is that you have all of these items on hand you could make this TONIGHT. I adore pantry staple recipes like this one...not only because of how easy and simple they are to put together, but also because they … [Read more...]

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Dip

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Dip from

We're coming up on the spring time of the year when sweet potatoes go on sale for a short window of time, dredging up memories of autumn that have been all but covered by mounds of snow. And these same awesome sweet potatoes remind us that the beauty of spring is here to revive us again. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to use baked sweet potatoes in an enchilada-inspired … [Read more...]

Potato Pancake with “Refried” Beans {Vegetarian}

Potato Pancakes with Refried Beans

Many years ago, on my first trip to Europe, my in-laws took me to a restaurant built around potatoes. Everything had potatoes. That one experience opened my eyes to what potatoes can do. And I've since experimented, but never as much as I wished. Potato pancakes are such an easy workhorse. You can put almost anything sweet or savory on top of them. If you're looking for … [Read more...]

Sweet ‘n Spicy Cajun Ham & Bean Soup ~ Perfect for Easter Leftovers!

Sweet Spicy Cajun Bean & Ham Soup Recipe

If you're looking for a soup that is rich in flavor, has a bit of a kick (or a lot of a kick if you are BFFs with your Tabasco bottle) and just the right amount of sweetness, I've got you covered. I love stretching leftover Easter ham as far as it will possibly go. And I can't let the ham bone go to waste...and I always end up making a fantastic soup with beans, the ham bone … [Read more...]