Eggplant Marinara – $5 Dinner Challenge

eggplant marinara 6

I was cruising through the produce department recently and saw that eggplant was priced as "per eggplant," not per pound. So of course, I looked for the largest one so I could make lots of sauce! Don't forget to get the largest one when you see "per unit" prices in the produce department! So here's how this goes down... Dice. Salt. Let sit in colander in the … [Read more...]

Stuffing Meatloaf – $5 Dinner Challenge


In my clear out the pantry, cupboards and freezer efforts, I ran across a half used bag of herb seasoned stuffing. Must have been leftover from the holidays. (Side note - I highly recommend spending 4-6 weeks each year, doing a "pretend like you are moving" clean out of your pantry and freezer. Highly. Recommend.) Every so often this bag of half used stuffing would give … [Read more...]

Spinach Orzo Soup – $5 Dinner Challenge


The pantry sweep out and the freezer sweep are almost complete. I've emptied the freezer and it will be making its way to its new home here in Dayton tomorrow. And I'm almost finished clearing out the "back shelves" where I store most of my stockpile items and non perishable pantry items. My goal is to have that cleared out by the end of February. This moving thing is really … [Read more...]

Dutch Oven Pulled Beef with Onions – $5 Dinner Challenge


This is one of those "oops...I forgot to start the slow cooker" meals! I had the roast, I had planned to slow cook the roast. (This is the meal I was intending to make!) But I forgot to put my slow cooker on the counter the night I completely forgot to get our dinner started. I've learned that about myself over the past few years...if I can have a "clue" out … [Read more...]

Three Cheese Spaghetti Bake – $5 Dinner Challenge


This is a classic example of being creative with ingredients you have on hand. I made this for us early last week...using up the tomatoes from Aldi from the week before, and the feta cheese from Monday's shopping trip. Also, this is another example of a meal that uses an "expensive ingredient," that is paired with a few other inexpensive ingredients and pantry staples to … [Read more...]