Burrito Cups

burrito cups 2

We've all seen (or had) the 7 layer dip cups to serve at parties. But what about dinner in a cup. Specifically, burrito dinner in a cup. Sure burritos, require tortillas...but what if you can't eat tortillas. We have a kid who is currently off gluten (and a number of other foods) because of some chronic respiratory issues that are not being resolved with medication. Being … [Read more...]

$5 Dinner Challenge – The “No Recipe, I’m Outta Town This Week” Edition

Hey y'all! No recipe from me this week...or any other day this week. I'm out of town (again!) this week and decided to step back, lighten up my workload and enjoy my time in LA. Yes, I will be working some of the time...but will still plenty of time for fun too! We've still got some other ideas, recipes and guest posts...so it will seem business as usual. Hope y'all have … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas – $5 Dinner Challenge

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas | 5DollarDinners.com

If you only read the title and you don't read one, you might be missing your new favorite enchilada recipe! You know what you might be thinking... Erin, seriously...sweet potatoes in enchiladas. I can see the look on your face. Because I saw it on my friend Christan's face when I was telling her about these scrumptious enchiladas. She stopped by to drop something off that … [Read more...]

Thai Chicken Pizza


Evening y'all! I had all kinds of grand intentions of getting this recipe posted on Friday...but that just didn't happen! After getting home from the Atlanta Savings Nation class (which was AMAZING folks!...you have got to go to one if it comes to your area!), I took the boys down to Cincinnati to the Lego Kidsfest on Friday night. Let's just say that they were in little boy … [Read more...]