Carapelli Olive Oil and Coupon!

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Anyone who has peeked at more than a few recipes here on $5 Dinners knows that I use olive oil. All. the. time. Unless I’m making scampi or baking cookies, I generally steer clear of butter. Not sure why…I just prefer olive oil.

Carapelli sent me 3 samples of olive oil, along with a “tasting kit.”

  • Premium 100% Italian – made solely from the first cold pressing of the finest 100% Italian olives with an intense, robust flavor and aroma
  • Il Numerato – a supremely smooth and low acidity oil that is a result of a delicate cold pressing of olives
  • Organic – Obtained only from organically grown olives and produced according to organic farming standards

Thankfully, I’d been to an olive oil tasting in the past, so I knew what to do.

During an olive oil tasting, you use the “Four S’s” (Swirl, Sniff, Slurp and Swallow) process. You pour a little into the blue glass (blue so that you can’t see the color of the olive oil), swirl it, sniff it, slurp it and then swallow. I think the slurping part is the most difficult…but I tried! When doing the testing, I just pretended like I was off in the hills of Tuscany, Italy, enjoying the olive oils before an Italian feast.

A girl can dream, right?!

I suppose that different varieties of olives used to extract the oil result in different flavors and strengths of olive oil. I was quite surprised at the difference in flavor. I learned that pure olive oil has a milder flavor and can be used in place of vegetable or canola oils when baking. And that extra virgin olive oil is perfect for sauteing and cooking meats and vegetables. The warmer flavor brings out the best in the food as it cooks.

Pressing on (pun intended), I’ll continue with my kitchen love affair with Carapelli olive oil.

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