Cantina Bell – Expect the Unexpected

Well, there’s another quick food option that I can add to our list…Cantina Bell, the new menu items from Taco Bell.

Taco Bell has just released their new higher-quality, real ingredient based menu that’s perfect for a quick, low cal meal on the run. The new Cantina Bell menu is something you are not gonna wanna pass by. I was pleasantly surprised by the menu, its ingredients, and the nutritional information.

I stopped in for lunch the other day with Tyler to check it all out, and we both really enjoyed it. Tyler is a big fan of rice and black beans (which are hiding in the bowl in the picture below). I also really loved the guacamole because it had a nice lime-y grab to it…and that’s how I prefer my guacamole!

The Cantina Bell Menu consists of:

  • Cantina Bowl
  • Cantina Burrito
  • Chips and Sides

The menu consists of real ingredients like romaine lettuce, Hass avocados, corn, black beans and cilantro that they use to make guacamole, roasted corn & pepper salsa, pico de gallo, and cilantro rice and beans. And it’s no wonder that the menu sizzles with flavor…they brought in Chef Lorena Garcia, an authority on flavorful, quality food. At the core of her menu are real ingredients, a belief that simple food tastes best, and that sazón – the magical touch and love a cook brings to the food – takes food to a new level. And I’m gonna hand it to her on this one…we loved the sazón!

If you’re not sure what to think, go check out the Cantina Bell website, watch the video and read all about the new menu items. And then, I dare you to check out this new option for quality convenience, and to learn to expect them unexpected from this new Cantina Bell menu!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Taco Bell. Inviting you to try the bold new Cantina Bell.


  1. teresa g says

    I have tried both the chicken and the steak cantina bowls and found both of them to be lacking in flavor (especially the chicken). I liked that they were both very fresh, but when flavor is missing, all the freshness in the world does not help. The salsa was made with unripe tomatoes and I also felt that there was very little rice and beans and way too much lettuce. Since I got the bowls at two different Taco Bells in two different towns, I can not imagine this to be a fluke. I had hoped that these bowls would be a good option to Chipotle (especially since they are cheaper) but after 2 tries, I won’t get them again.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your experience Teresa! I had the steak bowl (in the photo) and it was really good. I also liked that it wasn’t overly spicy…but that could be my pregnancy/heartburn that was grateful for the lack of spice. But it definitely had flavor!


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