Campfire Crescent Dogs & Our Campout Last Weekend

Camping Map

Last weekend (not this past weekend), our family went on a campout to Inks Lake State Park a few hours north of San Antonio with our scout pack. I wanted to share these last week, as I knew I’d have some time to get the photos together and onto the site on my flight to New York last Monday…BUT…I completely forgot to grab the memory card from my camera before I left the house…so I’m finally getting around to sharing today.

We are strong believers in the fact that boys (and girls!) need to spend lots of time out of doors. Away from gadgets and screens. We spend quite a bit of time outside in our backyard and riding biking and playing out front as well. And now that it’s getting warmer, we’ll spend lots of time at the neighborhood pool too.

It was such a joy watching the boys be boys…in their element…in the woods…in the water…with their fishing poles…getting d.i.r.t.y. DIRTY.

Camping Fishing

After studying the map of the park and talking through the schedule, we headed over for a fishing lesson and to fish on the banks of the lake. The boys listened intently to the park ranger, while I chased Cuatro around the field.

Camping Cuatro Canoe

Then he discovered the canoes by the lake and he spent a good 10 minutes (an eternity for a 1 year old!) trying to figure out how to get on top of the canoes. I think he was trying to do something to show off to his bigger brothers since he didn’t get to play with the fishing rods.

That evening, we made campfire crescent dogs, ‘bread on a stick‘ and roasted s’mores. Not long after dinner, I took Cuatro into the tent to change him into his sleepwear and he started FREAKING OUT. Crying, screaming, pointing out of the tent. I quickly changed him and took him out of the tent. (Seriously, is he afraid of tents? I asked myself.) About 20 minutes later when it was time to lay him down for bed, he started SCREAMING again.

For those of you who’ve been camping before, screaming children are not a favorite feature for other campers.

I was in trouble. How was I supposed to keep him quiet in the middle of the night, if he stirred and realized that he was in a tent.

I knew I was in for a long evening.

I sat with him outside of our tent until he fell asleep and then I took him into the tent. He slept there for about 2 hours, before stirring enough to realize he was trapped in this sheet thing. Midnight-ish and he’s screaming. The campground is dead silent.

I whisked him out of the tent and decide to take refuge in the van. We both ‘slept’ for about 2 hours, reclining in the drivers seat. After those 2 hours, he’d had enough and I was desperate for more than 10 winks of sleep.

So I took him back outside and sat in one of our campfire chairs and he quickly fell back asleep. But I couldn’t sleep as there was no where for my head to rest and the fabric from the chair was cutting into the backs of my legs, making them fall asleep.

Around 2:30 am, I’ve decided that I’ve had enough and whisper to Steve to pass the 2 sleeping bags outside of the tent, we would sleep on the ground, just outside the tent.

Earlier that morning, we’d had an armadillo in our backyard and in my paranoia about sleeping outside the tent, I asked Steve if I’d be eaten by a bear. He responded with, “No, but you might be attacked by an armadillo or snake.”


The good news is that my brain was so desperate for sleep, it had no time to move to the ‘worst case scenarios’ and we both slept well past sun up.

Not long after wiggling out of my now very dirty and dusty sleeping bag, another dad wandered over and struck up a conversation with, “So I heard your baby last night, did you hear mine?” Ha!!!!

Within 5 minutes, we’d all decided that night after dinner, Cuatro and I would drive back into San Antonio with another mom and her baby, so that the entire campground could sleep in peace. My bed has never been so cozy and welcoming.

Camping Hummingbird


On Saturday morning, we headed to the campground store to go geocaching. And while we were listening to the instructions, I became completely enthralled with the half a dozen hummingbirds that kept flying in to the feeders. I had no idea what was going on, but boy did I enjoy the flittery show.

Camping Geocaching

The boys learned about GPS, coordinates and how to find the ‘treasures’ that were hidden around the campground. They shined during the

Camping Geocaching 2

After the older two had found a few treasures, Tyler started to get upset (#thirdchildproblems!) that he hadn’t found one yet…so I told him to climb in the tree so I could take his picture, and he was thrilled to find the next ‘treasure box’ in the tree.

Camping Kayaking

Later that afternoon, we all took turns going kayaking in the lake, and most of us went swimming too.

Camping Swimming

The boys had a major splash fest and I adore watching them play and laugh together.

Camping Baby Birds

We also went hiking that afternoon and found a small nest with 3 newborn birds inside. What an amazing opportunity to learn about new life, why the birds had their mouths open and want would happen to them as they grow and develop.

Camping Cuatro Smores

(Make him stop growing. Sigh.)

This is Cuatro and I’m pretty sure he ate an entire sleeve of graham crackers on his own. Not really, but he had one in hand most of the two days that we were there.

Now for some of our meals…

Camping Pancakes

Tyler flipped pancakes while my husband made sausage.

Camping Hobo Packets

For dinner we had hobos with potatoes, carrots and thinly sliced beef with some seasoning salt. So simple, but so ridiculously delicious.

Camping Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls

We also enjoyed some ‘Dutch Oven’ cinnamon rolls, cooked over indirect heat/warm coals. I think everyone else in the campground was jealous of our cinnamon rolls!

Camping Crescent Dogs

And finally, the crescent roll hot dogs. Along with some ‘bread on a stick‘ (which is crescent roll dough simply wrapped around a campfire stick) and some bananas.

It doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious y’all!

What’s your favorite campfire dinner?

Let me know so I we can try it on our next campout…which isn’t too long from now!

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  1. Lisa says

    Sorry, I don’t have any camping recipes, but I did have quite a chuckle at the screaming kid story! I had a similar camping weekend several years ago when we were still camping in a tent. After a very long 2 day weekend with a screaming toddler and preschooler, I didn’t think my husband would ever want to go camping again! Sure enough, the next year he suggested we buy a pop-up camper and we have been “happy campers” ever since :) It’s so great to spend time with the family outdoors. Thanks for the laughs!!

    • says

      Ha…it was a nightmare of a night for us! Good to know on the popup camper for the future…but I don’t think we’ll be taking Cuatro on an overnight camp out until he is at least 3. Or no longer paranoid about tents :)


      • AlysonRR says

        Erin – for Cuatro, try putting up the tent in your yard for at least a few weeks this summer and using it as a playhouse for the kids. When he sees the other kids playing in there, he’ll want to as well, which should make him more comfortable.

        Our favorite camping meal is hobo packets. When we make them, we also make a large foil packet each of onions and potatoes, then use them to make “omelets in a bag” the next morning.

        I’m going to try the cinnamon rolls next time!

  2. paula says

    This made me laugh, we tent camped for our first time last spring (we are grandparents so this is a real first for us) and the same thing happened in a tent close to us. The child in this tent cried out (aka screamed) several times during the night, so your post made me chuckle……I never thought of a small child being “scared” of a tent…… :)

  3. Mary says

    To get my kids and grand kids use to tents I use to set it up in the back yard, throw in some of their favorite toys and play fort with them, have a picnic inside of it with their favorite camp foods, chili boats, walking tacos or can hobo dinner. One of my grand daughters ask if we could make a princess birthday party in the tent, and yes we did, now the boys want their parties in the tent. Make it a game.

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