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#1 – Chop Keeper – No Spills, No Splash, No Mess, No Splatter with This Innovative Flexible Chopping Tray with Raised Sides


I really don’t like how messy it is to cut a watermelon, or a juicy cantaloupe.  The juices are all over the place by the time I’m finished cutting…and my “type-A-ness” doesn’t really like the mess! 

It seems that I’m in need of a Chop Keeper.  This product has raised edges and folds in the middle, allowing for an easy transfer of chopped items into a bowl.  Seems that it would solve my problem!

(I have not tried this product, and this is not intended to be a review.)

For more on what the Chop Keeper does in the kitchen…and for how it will keep your counters clean, head on over here!

#2 – Spin n Stor – Small, Portable, Easy to Use and Store…fits easily in your fridge’s veggie drawer!


I do love my salad spinner!  But this looks much easier…and much more fun!  Check out the step by step of how the Spin n Stor worksYes, it involves you spinning the bag!

If you’d like to win either of these products, then feel free to enter below.  1 lucky winner will receive the Chop Keeper and another lucky winner will receive the Spin n Stor! 

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Saturday, August 22nd at 10 am EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

2. Entry #1: Leave a comment just saying you want to win.

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4. Entry #3: Tell me how you’d use either or both of these products…how would they make life in the kitchen a little easier for you?!?

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  1. pat roggeman says

    I am in need of a new cutting board and this one looks great. I would love the spinner, I get tired of trying to drain the salad products.

  2. Colleen J says

    We could definitely use both of these items around here! Due to some health issues I’ve had lately and the Dr.’s recommendation, we are increasing our servings of fruits & veggies from 5 to NINE! Where was I the day it increased to NINE????? Holy Moley! With a family to feed, I’m chopping my whatnots nonstop and trying to eat at least one big salad each day.

  3. Alicia says

    I just sent a link to your blog to my daughters, daughter in law, and all of the friends that are on my email list. I love your blog and visit daily! Thanks so much for all the great tips!!

  4. Alicia says

    These seem like VERY helpful tools. I cut a LOT of fruits and vegetables. I make sure there are always lots of fresh cut fruits and vegetables in the fridge for my family. I also take advantage of seasonal produce to stock my frieezer. The chop keeper would be such a helpful tool for this. I can see all of the possiblities! As for the spinner bag, it looks fascinating, and I love that it’s a bag instead of a bulky bowl. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Ruthann says

    both these products are pretty nifty and I’d love to win. Rather intrigued by the Patio Pal as well. Some unique items on their website, thanks for sharing :~)

  6. Holly says

    I need a new cutting board and a spinner thing for lettuce so it doesn’t go bad and that thing looks neat. THanks!

  7. debbie kuklies says

    i eat a salad everyday for lunch and since you’ve had great luck with your garden i’m going to try one for myself!

  8. Stacey Reel says

    I am notorious for making huge messes in my kitchen when I cook. Anything to save messes would do wonders for the clean up factor!

  9. Ann says

    This chopping board would keep me from dropping my chopped veggies as I try to transfer them to the pot. My dog might not appreciate that, but I sure would.

  10. says

    I think I would use the chop keeper a lot more. Mostly because my hubby lets things fall on the counter and the floor and I have to go behind him and clean up EVERY TIME! :-)

  11. Kristine says

    I chop vegetables and meat everyday and would get great use out of the chopping tray. I eat a salad for lunch everyday and I don’t have a salad spinner. I feel like I waste paper towels because I don’t have a salad spinner or something to wash my lettuce.

  12. Chasity says

    I would love to try both of these items in my kitchen! My husband and I eat LOTS of Salads and it looks as though these products would be very useful.

  13. christine says

    i am obsessed with having a “complete” kitchen, i am working slowly towards that goal, i am yet to have a bendable cutting board and i have never even heard of spin bags but they both sound awesome!!

  14. Marla says

    I think the chop keeper would help with all the juicy mess I get from cutting up melons, tomatoes,and even meat!

  15. Marla says

    I have to admit I get lazy when it comes to drying washed lettuce for salads…and so I always just rinse and put lettuce in the bowl which of course leads to soggy salads! Thw spin’N Stor would help prevent this.

  16. Melody says

    The chop keeper would be so wonderful as it keep stuff contained and stop it from running all over the counter and off the edge- we have dark blue countertops and sometimes you don’t see that something has splattered when you cut it but the ants seem to be able to find the tiniest speck of sweetness and bring their army of friends with them!

  17. Cindy Currie says

    I like to spend time in my kitchen preparing meals but I hate the cleanup. These products will help me on clean up and preparation. Thank you.

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