Breakfasts and Lunches

Susan asks, “I am interested in your menu for an entire day (3 meals) with costs. Could you possibly do a post with examples of your menu plan for a
day or 2 with costs and total spent in 24 hours for your family?”

Thanks so much for asking Susan! Here is a list of a typical week of breakfasts and lunches.

Hubs eat long before we are all awake and usually eats oatmeal during the winter and cold cereal during the summer. (Quaker is easy to stockpile as it will drop in price and there are often coupons out.)

I typically eat cold cereal every morning. Special K or Raisin Bran.

The boys eat Cream of Rice cereal with honey and blueberries, GFCFSF cold cereals with blueberries and rice milk, eggs with fruit or muffins.

Hubs takes a sandwich, yogurt, granola bar (easy to stockpile, just like the oatmeal!), and piece of fruit.

I eat soup, salad or leftovers and a piece of fruit.

Boys eat a “mini-dinner.” In switching them to the GFCFSF diet, lunch has definitely been the most difficult. In this culture, lunch = sandwich or wrap with cheese. Both no-no’s for the GFCFSF diet. They generally eat canteloupe or apples, leftover meat/chicken/pork with GF cornbread. They also drink “banana juice,” as they call it! A banana smoothie.

Banana Smoothie
1 banana
2 strawberries
handful of blueberries
Apple juice and water
2 Juice Plus capsules, powder put into juice
Calcium/Magnesim supplement
Probiotic powder

So a general cost breakdown on all of this…I try to keep it at $10-15 a day, or $300-$350 a month. The GFCFSF flours I need to make their snacks and the rice milk that costs double the cost of cow’s milk are what put a large dent into our budget. I use AS MANY coupons as I can find for these items and for our favorite products.


  1. Amy says

    We have food allergies here too which definitely make our food budget higher. The biggest expense is the non dairy milk. I’ve found Trader Joes the cheapest consistently for it but it’s 30 miles away so I only go every 6 weeks. We do soy so I can buy tofutti cream cheese and sour cream but it’s always a lot more than the dairy stuff.

    I do smoothies everyday. I frequently sneak greens in to them. One of the kids favorites is banana, blueberries, chocolate rice milk, and spinach (shh don’t tell them it’s in there). I always throw in probiotics and flax and other little additions too. My 4 year old son will drink green smoothies because I call them monster smoothies. (pineapple and banana with greens is his favorite) He loves scaring his sisters with his green monster mouth.

  2. MOMMY says

    I am going to try the banana smoothies tonight! We can’t do strawberries as my daughter is allergic but the rest sounds great. I will add a bit of wheat germ with ground flax seed in too. I love your blog and check it often. We just went dairy free for one child due to digestive issues. We also found that once she went on soy she had even more issues. Now that she is off of soy milk she is better but I know there is room for improvement-I am waiting for her physical in March before going GF. Thanks for such a great resource! I also have found that my food budget is affected by what we need to buy for her.


  3. Donna says

    I agree with you on the rice milk. It has put a big(huge) dent in our budget. I am glad that your kids are transitioning to the GFCFSF diet. I am not having much luck with my son, who loves cheese & bread. I will keep on trying though!

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