Blue Cheese, Spinach and a Special Surprise

All I want to eat is spinach.  I’d love to throw a little blue cheese on a spinach salad.  But I can’t!

I’m also craving asparagus, chocolate and cereal! Oh yeah, and Stouffer’s Macaroni and Cheese???

All these signs point to one thing… this mama is expecting baby #3!  Due Thanksgiving Day-ish! 

First Trimester + Writing a Food Blog = Toaster Struedel and Green Beans for dinner??? 

No really, I will do my VERY BEST to post a recipe each night.  But, I just might end up eating Toaster Struedels (or Stouffers or asparagus) while the rest of my men eat their dinner!  😉

If you have any tips or experiences on how to best handle the whole “I just can’t seem to stomach what I just cooked” pregnancy issue, please share them!  (I know this will pass in a few weeks, but in the mean time…)


  1. Jamie says

    Congratulations!! We’re expecting #3 October 2nd!! Good luck with the food and blogging!! I gave up my blog when I found out I was expecting. I just couldn’t handle another thing on my plate, so something had to go. I wish you all the best and hopefully the 2nd trimester will come very soon and the food problems will go away!!

  2. says

    Congratulations again! Good luck with that whole cooking thing while pregnant. I fear my blog is doomed too if I ever get pregnant again.

  3. says


    Baby #2 just arrived for us a few weeks ago. When I first found out I was pregnant I prepared the freezer. Went to one of those fancy meal prep places, and cooked more at home. Unfortunately, I get pretty sick and those meals did not appeal to me at all. Many of them are still sitting in the freezer and won’t be eaten. All that money down the drain :(

    I say let your hubby do the cooking and you put your feet up for a few months :)

  4. says

    Congratulations!!! I had terrible all day sickness with all 3 preg. One thing I couldn’t stand was the smell of food cooking. So, a friend told me to put my crockpot in the garage. It worked great. I could put the meal together if I felt better earlier in the day. Then I just plugged it in and left it cooking in the garage. I also had an outlet on my deck so I would set it outside to cook. Of course this only works if you have a garage or deck and it has an outlet. Congratulations again and I think we will all understand if you don’t always eat what you cook. :) Or if you have days where you don’t feel like cooking at all.

  5. says

    Congratulations, Erin! I’m very excited for you.

    When I was pregnant with #2, I was very careful to plan dinners that wouldn’t make me sick WHILE I was cooking them. Which isn’t to say I ate all of them, but at least I wasn’t running to the bathroom while I was still cooking! Eggs and garlic were my two biggest problem smells. As for what to eat when dinner doesn’t sound good . . . I made the mistake of eating too many carbs and not enough protein. Unfortunately, that made my exhaustion worse. So, if God wills another baby for us, I’ll be doing protein shakes/bars when dinner doesn’t appeal to me. I pray you have a safe, healthy pregnancy!

  6. Wendy says

    Congratulations! The only thing I could keep down at the beginning of my last pregnancy was KFC, but I never thought of trying Toaster Stuedels!

  7. Heather says

    Congrats!! We’re 16 weeks along with #4 and still haven’t let the cat out of the bag yet–although it’s already getting hard to hide. Have you tried keeping a fan in the window to blow out all of those delicious dinner aromas? Sometimes it helped me to not have to smell everything while I was cooking it up. Also, sucking on a peppermint lifesaver while standing at the stove or sipping warm peppermint tea before dinner sometimes helped. Best of luck to you–we wish you all the very best!!

  8. says

    Congrats, Erin!

    Yeah – cooking and morning sickness can be a bad combo. Blech. = $

    Here’s my suggestions: Use your crockpot as much as possible. Temporarily put off cooking things you just can’t stand the smell of (I couldn’t stand the smell of beef raw or cooking with my first. Chicken and everything else was fine- weird!) Or ask your husband to help you cook the parts you can’t handle (my hubs eats mostly beef so he was willing to cook the ground beef so I could make spaghetti or something.) Try to do most of your cooking during the part of the day you feel the best. Try different morning sickness remedies to make it as endurable as possible. (I think having enough protein and vitamin B were the 2 biggest things that helped me – I ate a lot of cashews, almonds and pistachios in between meals to keep me from getting too sick. With number three, all I could stand were plain cheeseburgers, no veggies. Opposite of my #1 – but then he was a BOY!) =)

    And maybe before you get too sick with morning sickness you can cook up some things to put in the freezer? I’ve never been really good at that, but I’m sure you’re a pro at that sort of thing. :)

  9. says

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Unfortunately the only thing that worked for me in the first trimester was making hubby cook, avoiding meat altogether, and having my mom come freeze some meals for us!! I could eat red meat and pork, but I didn’t want to look at it raw!

  10. says

    Great idea Heather! Will grab some peppermints at the store…sounds like it might work. I’ve been chewing gum other times of the day to help with the queasiness!

    Thanks for all your input Amber! Cashews sound tasty…anything salty is cool…right now anyways! I thought about picking up some meals from “freezer meals places” like Main Dish or Dream Dinners. I’ve seen coupons floating around…just might be what I need to get through this next bit!

  11. says

    I’m having the SAME raw meat issue. It’s OK once it’s cooked, but I can’t handle the raw :(

    And your strawberry balsamic chicken sounds LOVELY!!!

  12. says

    Congratulations!!! That’s so exciting. We’re expecting #5 in 5 weeks and I have had horrible morning sickness with all 5. One thing that worked for me with #4 was ginger capsules. As long as I took them early in the morning (before morning sickness really set it) I felt quite a bit better throughout the day. Also, I’ve heard that sea-bands (I think that’s what they’re called) are supposed to work wonders. They are the bands that you wear on your wrists. They’re supposed to be great for motion sickness but also help with morning sickness.

    As far as cooking goes, we increased the grocery budget this last time around and allowed some extra money for convenience-style foods. I’ve tried to start planning freezer meals as soon as I found out I was pregnant, but the last time around that didn’t seem to help me. What I had the hardest time with was deciding what to eat. if it were up to me, we wouldn’t eat! I had my husband come up with ideas for meals. I was better off just making them, rather than actually having to think of what to prepare. Nothing ever sounded good.

  13. says

    Congrats! I didn’t have many cravings during pregnancy — but I’ve had a ton afterwards! Weird.

    I hope you have a safe and uneventful pregnancy and delivery

  14. Wendy says

    Congratulations! I’m expecting #2 also around Thanksgiving! I know exactly what you mean about the cooking issue. Today I made the mistake of making a roast in the crockpot. Ugh. The smell has been making me sick all day long, not just the 30-60 minutes before dinner! Crockpot doesn’t work for me. I’m anxious to hear what other suggestions people give you!!

  15. Rhonda GreenBarron says

    Congratulations on the addition to your family! I was also one of those people who never had a food craving while pregnant…but, I did have a food aversion. Cooked vegetables (including potatoes!). Couldn’t even hide them in soups, stews, Chinese take-out, etc. Since I really liked vegetables, I ate them raw. All. the. time.


  16. Katrina says

    Aw congrats!!!! :) That is wonderful news! :)

    I’ve never been pregnant but I have been reading Michelle Duggar’s book. She says that eat small frequent meals and snacks full of protein like cheese are good at stopping the nausea.

    She also wears the pressure point bands. I had a medicine that made me very nauseated and they helped tons.


  17. Crystal says

    What helped me most through my last pregnancy when I couldn’t eat regular food, was protein shakes. A lot of times they can satisfy you without feeling queasy. Make sure you get a good quality one like GNLD’s, and that you’re still filling in your calories. So it’s a great alternative to when you feel like you just can’t stomach a plate of food.

  18. Denise Shuey Saunders says

    Congrats again. I had the cooking fmeat issue with #2. I would plan the meal, but Eric had to cook it. There were times I couldn’t be in the house! I would hide in the bedroom until the smell subsided. I usually couldn’t eat anything much when we had beef or pork. So I’d snack on Saltines, Goldfish or Cheerios, which also took away morning sickness with #1. And my current food aversion is peppermint! I can’t stand the smell. Christmas was tough at times this year. Each pregnancy has been so different. I wish I had better advice. Good luck.

  19. says

    Congrats! And for me, my trick was sucking on something sour. Sour patch kids worked like a charm for my 2nd pregnancy, believe it or not! I would carry a bag with me everywhere I went.

  20. Anne says

    Congrats Erin! What a blessing :) Paesano’s spaghetti w/ tomato sauce was all I could handle for a little while….and Whataburger chocolate shakes….You should probably come back to SA soon :)

  21. Susan says

    Erin! Congratulations! when i was at the i can’t stand to cook/eat what i just cooked stage dh was wonderful and stepped up to the plate for me. if i didn’t have to cook i was a little better about being able to eat it. hope this helps.

  22. Amy says

    Congratulations!! I’m very glad to hear I’m not the only one that craves toaster strudels when pregnant. lol It’s not something I really ever buy except when pregnant.

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