Dairy-Free Milk & Yogurt, Pace Picante Sauce & More | Printable Coupons

Just this past weekend I was sharing at a conference how I lately I'm using more coupons for household and toiletry products, freeing up a little more budget for fresh foods. And surprise, surprise...a few coupons for foods we love and enjoy (and use when cooking!) are available this morning. Some of my faves...So Delicious coconut milk, Silk yogurt, Pace picante sauce (or … [Read more...]

FREE “4 Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking” Video Course & Ultimate Homemaking Bundle starts Monday! ~ Weekly Round-Up


Welcome to our end of the week recap for April 12-18, 2014! Latest Recipes FREE "4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking" Video Course If you haven't signed up for this free video course, I think you should right now. You'll find great value in it. The videos are super short, easy to digest and downright inspiring and practical! Watch it … [Read more...]

Creamy Gnocchi with Bacon & Peas

Creamy Gnoochi with Peas and Bacon Recipe on 5DollarDinners.com

This recipe is inspired by 2 things...first, I was grabbing a few ingredients to make some pasta meals for our church group gathering we were hosting. I spotted a package of gnocchi that I hadn't seen before in this store and it was priced at $1.99. I grabbed 2 packages to make a giant batch of this for everyone coming over. (Note: the recipe below is written for 4 people, so … [Read more...]