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Robin and Julie from Brilliant Moms is tempting my taste buds this Monday morning! Hope this sweet treat brightens your day!!!


My husband and I recently went blackberry and blueberry picking. We have found that it is much cheaper, and more fun, to go to the field and pick berries than to buy them at the store. When we finished picking this year, we had 12 lbs. of blueberries and 6 lbs. of blackberries!

The first thing we did when we got home was lay the berries out on towels and sort through them for leaves or anything extra in our buckets. We kept some berries out for baking and eating. Then, we put the remaining berries in quart size freezer bags and put them in the freezer. We will be having delicious berry treats for a while!

I made an easy cobbler with some of the blackberries. It was so good that we ate the whole cobbler in one night! At my family’s request, I made the same cobbler the very next night. I’ll share the recipe that was passed down from my mom.

Blackberry Cobbler

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Blackberry Cobbler

Yield – 4 servings

Preparation Time – 5 minutes

Cooking Time – 55 minutes


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup self-rising flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 3 cups of blackberries, lightly tossed in sugar


  • Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease an 8×8 casserole dish. Combine sugar, flour, and milk in a bowl and pour into the bottom of the casserole dish. Then, pour the blackberries in the middle of the dish on top of the batter. Bake the cobbler for approximately 55 minutes or until it is cooked to your liking.


  • You can substitute many fruits to this recipe.
  • We like our cobbler hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I hope you enjoy this easy, cheap, and tasty cobbler recipe.

Julie is a former teacher turned Midwestern Mom. Partnered with her sister-in-law, Robin, she blogs about dedication to family and the importance of using your talents and creativity in everyday life.  Robin is wife to a wonderful husband. They have two toddlers and a baby on the way! Together, Robin and Julie blog about their love for cooking, their families, and their frugal lifestyles at  


  1. Frances says

    This is our family’s favorite cobbler recipe, except we just dump the batter over the fruit. It sinks over and around the fruit. So easy and delish!

    I wish we could have gotten to go pick blackberries this year! Alas, no blackberries for us.

  2. Misty says

    This is exactly the recipe my mom taught me to make cobbler and my absolute favorite. Though, I used to use 1 can of peach pie filling. I bet fresh peaches tossed in a little sugar would be the best. Thanks for this reminder of my childhood!!!!

  3. says

    This is the recipe my family has always used, except we usually melt some butter in the dish before pouring in the batter. These days, I use less sugar, or more often, Splenda, but the “1 cup of each” makes it very easy to remember. I like to put a little apple in with the blackberries. The recipe also makes scrumptious peach cobbler.

  4. brett says

    When it say “Self rising flour” can you use jiffy baking mix? I have peaces I have to use up and this sounds great

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