BIG Savings this week!!!

I had a few trips to the store this week…One stop at Kroger, one stop at Trader Joes, and then one more stop at Kroger (for the diapers!!!).

Trader Joes $16.14 (Sorry no photo)

Kroger Run #1
Total before coupons $69.95
Total after coupons/sales $26.71 (62% savings)

Free: 6 Buddies soaps, 2 Fleishman’s yeast strips, Daisy sour cream, 2 Cottonelle TPs, Colgate toothpaste
Nearly free: frozen veggies $.50 each, 3 Simply Asia products on closeout with coupons ($.24 each), Cheerios ($1 a box!), 2 Olay ribbons body wash ($.50 each by matching sale + paper coupons + BOGO “ecoupon”!)

Why do I buy Cheerios if the boys are gluten free? Reason: Hubs (who NEVER requests anything from the store when asked) asked me out of the blue, “Can you get me some honey nut cheerios?” “Sure, it’s your lucky week because I can get them for $1 a box this week!” So Hubs got his only grocery store wish!

6 Huggies + 2 Wipes = $65.12 (I did this in 2 transactions.)

– $8 in “e coupons” from and (I had 6 “ecoupons” loaded and used all 6 coupons by buying 3 Huggies Supreme and 3 Huggies)
– $7 in paper coupons (6 $1 for each diaper pack and 1 $1 for 1 of the wipes)
-$12 in Kroger promotion savings
-$6 rebate that I will submit to Caregiver’s Marketplace
-$1.50 “ecoupons” that will be deposited in my Upromise (Register your grocery card and save when you shop!)

Total for diapers = $30.62

Less than $5 a package!!!! It really doesn’t get much better than that for “name brand” diapers. And yes, I am a Huggies “snob”, so I’ll take this deal anyday!

Total for food for the week $43.85 (Well under my $60 food budget!)

Question from a Reader: How do you use more than one coupon when they say “limit coupon per purchase”?

Answer: At Kroger, you can use a paper coupon in conjunction with an “electronic coupon”. The other coupons that I used on the diaper deal were either rebates or deposits into college savings account. For the diapers, I used 3 paper coupons, 1 for each package, in 2 different transactions. The “coupon machine” never “beeps” when I use one for each package. If I were to hand her 4 coupons for 3 items, it would not take the 4th coupon. The phrase “limit 1 coupon per purchase as specified above” means you use 1 coupon per item of purchase.


  1. Brett says

    Hi. Hope you don’t mind my dropping in. My name is Brett and I’m trying to help my friends at spread the word about the grocery savings search engine at their website. You’re all about saving big and so is The site posts the weekly flyer deals from more than 25,000 supermarkets across the country and lets you search for and match the flyer deals with your printable shopping list. And all the manufacturers coupons are on the site too so you can match those up for even greater savings (a clever habit I see you write about.)
    So thanks for the air time and best of the season to you.

  2. Thrifty Gluten-Free Mom says

    You are an inspiration. I did the TJ’s and Kroger run yesterday with some great deals. Got 3 packs of LCD christmas lights for $2.02 instead of $30.00. That Scan Rite policy paid off big time combined with my coupons.

    You’ve inspired me to dig out and dust off my More With Less from my La Leche League days(long ago).

  3. Laura says

    Thanks for the explanation about the coupons. I already understood that “1 coupon per purchase” means 1 coupon per item purchased, but you had mentioned using more than one coupon per item, and that’s what I didn’t understand. I didn’t know that Kroger’s will let you use a paper coupon and an e-coupon on a single item. That’s great!

    Thanks again. I found your blog through the Dayton Daily’s recent article, and I’m enjoying reading it. :)

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