CLOSED Betty Crocker Gluten Free Dessert Mixes Giveaway

*UPDATE: For more information on where to find a FREE Coupon for one of these products, click here!

**UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed!

The winner is #265 – Cortney! Congrats…I hope you and your daughter enjoy these mixes!


I guess we should call this week…Gluten Free Giveaway Week!  Got another great GF giveaway…1 winner will win the above pictured gluten free products from Betty Crocker.

Betty Crocker® Gluten Free Dessert Mixes are making their way onto grocery shelves this summer. There are four new dessert options – all made in a gluten-free processing facility.

  • Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix
  • Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil´s Food Cake Mix
  • Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownie Mix
  • Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

These mixes were designed for the celiacs and others with gluten intolerance!  I am thrilled that General Mills and Betty Crocker have stepped up to the plate to meet the needs of the rising population of people who are leaving gluten behind!

I have already seen these mixes in my grocery store.  Right next to all the other baking mixes!  No need to travel to a specialty or health foods store in search of GF baking mix alternatives!

If you’re interested in entering this giveaway, here are the details…

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Thursday, August 13th at 5 pm EST. Winner will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

2. Entry #1: Leave a comment just saying you want to win.

3. Entry #2: Leave a SEPARATE comment telling me in what way you promoted this contest (i.e., posting it in a forum, posting about it on your blog, Tweet about it, emailing all your friends, and/or subscribe to my feed by email or in a reader).

4. Entry #3: Tell me who this would be for!  Yourself, to entertain a group of friends who are GF, for your kiddos, husband, wife!

5. Winner will be selected by

**NOTE: If you receive the email newsletter and wish to enter this giveaway, click on the title of this giveaway to get to the site and leave a comment on the site with your name and email address to be entered!

*Disclosure: I did receive 1 box each of these dessert mixes.  Allergy note: I have not, however, tried them, as they contain potato flour, which is one of my son’s allergies.  They are best served for those without a potato allergy!  They contain no soy, no dairy (use a non-dairy butter subsititute), but do call for eggs.


  1. Lindsey says

    This would be for a family get together we have coming up as well as for my family! With three kids…we have a lot of mouths to feed!

  2. Becky Thrun says

    Told all my buddies in my gluten free group, they are so excited that Betty is delving into the gluten free realm!

  3. cortney ming says

    My daughter Anna loves brownies and we have not found a great gf mix yet. I’d love to win the contest and try these out for her.

  4. katy a says

    it would be for my cousin’s 4 year old daughter who can not have any gluten in her diet. i would also like to try them as i hear it is more healthy to eat gluten free products!

  5. says

    I would LOVE to win this for my daughter. She is 9 and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 years ago. It’s been a struggle to find things she loves. We have tried the Betty Crcoker cake and cookie mixes and she loved them! All of my kids did, actually. We are also going to try a gluten free diet for my oldest son who has ADHD so this package would really come in handy in our house! :)

  6. Renee S. says

    This is for me and my friends who are gluten free. How wonderful to have an easy free dessert to mix and bake. I am so excited.

  7. Joe in NJ says

    I want to win because my sister who must eat all things gluten Free is coming to visit. And I want to be able to make desert for her.

  8. Julie says

    This would be great… hopefully it will be in alot of stores, instead of going to a specialty shope, i could get gluten free i am hoping at a better cost than the norm.

  9. says

    My aunt has been diagnosed with Celiac’s, and myself and my boys are going through the testing currently. I’d love to be able to bake something delicious for us.

  10. Merritt says

    I would love to win this prize to bake at home for me! And then of course, I’d bring in the GF goodies to work to share with everyone.

  11. Lynn says

    I would love to win this! It has been really hard to find things that my son (allergic to dairy) can eat with his sisters. This would be a wonderful thing for our family!!

  12. Mary says

    This would be donated to my son’s classroom. They cook with the kiddo’s once a week and normally either they have to pay for the supplies or someone donates them.Some of the children are on Gluten free and this would be 4 weeks rewards for them.

  13. Dana says

    I am telling my network of other Celiac friends about this giveaway. We have all wanted to try these but they are not available here yet.

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