Batch Grilling Burgers

Batch Grilling Chicken Breasts.

Why not grill up a bunch of burgers in the same way!?!

I went digging through the freezer and was surprised by how much ground beef that I had on hand.  Perfect for some batch burger grilling!

Now we’ve got quite a few burgers in the freezer for a quick dinner, or lunch for the boys.

I love making my own “convenience food!”

Next time you see a great sale on ground beef…stock up for some batch grilling!!!

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  1. says

    We do this too! We usually grill something extra every time we grill — brats, hot dogs, chicken, pork chops. Then we freeze the extra food for a quick meal later in the month. Saves a lot of time and you get that great grill taste.

  2. Angie says

    Hi! Wouldn’t using frozen meat then re-freezing affect the quailty of the meat. Or is OK to do with beef? I don’t eat red meat but was thinking that the hubs would enjoy doing this for himself. :) I am thinking it might be best to start off with fresh meat.

    • Danielle says

      @Angie, Its okay if you thaw raw meat, cook it, and refreeze after cooking. You’re not supposed to thaw something and refreeze it without cooking 😉 Goes for veggies as well!

  3. Joe Meany says

    I do the same thing and make sure I eat the most well done ones right away and microwave the others the next day for lunch add on cheese and there you go. I usually use toasted bread so thats a great way to use up over stocked bread, also when I get orange bell peppers on sale I buy them in bulk , roast them in the oven all at once and then freeze them skinless in smaller blob portions )of course that i is also a grill option while you are grilling as are some veggies for the next day, example sweet potato slices- For the bell peppers I just slice off pieces for use, they heat up easily in a microwave or in a soap or steak sandwich can go in frozen when cooking.

  4. says

    I was wondering about the thawing and refreezing question too. Grilling is so easy. Wouldn’t it be more work to thaw and refreeze? I suppose if you have lots of frozen meat on hand, then this would be a good way to use it up. That never happens here :)

  5. maria says

    We’ve done this too. It’s fine to do with frozen meat (I hope) since you’re cooking it before you freeze it. We usually just let them thaw a bit and wrap them in a wet paper towel and heat in the microwave. Unfortunately……I never find myself with extra meat… husband and 7 year old daughter are quite the carni vores!

  6. Ros says

    I am not sure about refreezing the meat. My Mom always tells me food should only be frozen once.
    When my DH makes burgers I use fresh meat, partially freeze them on a tray then when they are just starting to go hard put them in a ziploc seperated by wax paper.

  7. says

    We do this all the time. Last time, we cooked 40 hamburger patties. The key to freezing is to leave them a little (just a little) undercooked from how you like them. Freeze. When ready to use, microwave them until heated through and allow them to rest one minute in the microwave. You end up with burger just the way you want without feeling like you are chewing on a piece of leather.

  8. says

    What is the best way to freeze the patties once you have grilled them? I assume you let them cool off to closer to room temperature, but then do you just toss them into freezer bags or put rows on freezer paper? Foil? Just wanted to get your advice – we’re 6 weeks out from having our first baby, and I’d love to have some easy meals in the freezer! :)

    • says

      Hey Sarah…yes, cool completely to reduce water crystals and freezer burn. If you plan to store them in the freezer longer than a few weeks, I’d wrap a few patties into foil, then in a freezer baggie. Hope that helps…and congrats on baby!!!

  9. anet says

    Regarding reheating the burgers… a piece of bread that’s been dunked in milk, broth, or water on top of the frozen burgers and wrap them in aluminum foil and reheat in 350 degree oven for just a few minutes….juicy and perfect every time!!!


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