Batch Cooking Plan – The “The View” & BlogHer Food Edition

Last week my publicist at St. Martins called. Kinda out of the blue. And before she even said hi, she asked if I was sitting down.

This could be really good news. Or really bad news.

I said assured her that I was.

She then went on to inform me that I would be doing a segment on THE VIEW right before Memorial Day.


And then I fell out of my chair. Well, almost.

Actually, there was much squealing and excitement…and all 3 of my children looked at me like I’d lost my ever-loving mind.

So yes…it is true. And yes…I’m nervous. But this time, an excited nervous. Not the same kind of shaking leg nervous like I had when on Rachael Ray. I’ve done a number of national media segments since then, so I’m hoping those experiences will help keep me calm. Although, I’m sure I’ll need tissues in my armpits again :)

The segment will air on May 27th…so check your local listings and set your DVRs. You can also follow the fun adventures in NYC on Twitter and on Facebook. I’ll share as many of the behind the scenes details as I can!

I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity and am REALLY looking forward to meeting all the spunky ladies you see up there!

In addition to traveling to NYC next week for the taping, I’ll also be in Atlanta this weekend for the BlogHer Food conference. So needless to say, I’ve got to get all my ducks in a row food wise for my guys…for while I’m gone!

Here’s what I plan on doing between now and the time I leave for Atlanta on Thursday…

  • Double batch of chocolate chip cookies – bake some, freeze some dough
  • Batch of GFCFSF cookies for Tyler
  • Batch of GFCFSF pancakes for Tyler
  • Bake Caramel Cashew Brownies for the guys to take to a church picnic on Saturday
  • Double batch of taco meat
  • Double batch of spaghetti sauce
  • Prep food for Atlanta news segment

And if I can get all that done…I can get out of town, knowing that the boys will have happy bellies while I’m away!

Are you doing any batch cooking this week?!


  1. Irene D. says

    What a wonderful experience. Please post afterwards so we can get all the scoop on this great adventure.

  2. says

    I can’t wait to watch your segment! I haven’t watched the View at all lately, but I’ll definitely tune in for your episode!!

  3. Joanne says

    How AWESOME! :highfive: I’m so happy for you, and grateful too. You really help us s t r e c h the dollar. Looking forward to watching you on the View!

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