Batch Cooking Plan – From Pantry to Freezer

So I mentioned last week that I’ve been cleaning out the pantry, reorganizing and getting all my kitchen ducks in a row. Mainly because of the upcoming holiday and subsequent cookbook release and book signing tour. (More on that soon. Super soon.)

This week I plan on transforming some of what I found in the pantry into food that we can eat and that I can stash into the freezer for the coming weeks.

Are you doing any batch cooking this week?!

Feel free to share your plan and/or recipes in the comments!


  1. Anne Bacheller says

    I am making a large Crockpot batch of Spaghetti-so we’ll have some tonight with noodles (easy peasy since I have class), and I’ll save some for Wednesday’s Crockpot Lasagna, and freeze some for later. I am a 1/2 time SAHM and other time Going-to School Mom, with 4 kids and a husband. It makes it easier and healthier to make meals this way instead of just eating cheap easy meals all the time. Thanks so much for all of your advice and tips!

  2. says

    I LOVE this! The pumpkin pancakes and the pepperoni calzones sound absolutely fabulous! I am a working mom of 2 boys and this method of cooking really saves a BUNCH of time!

  3. Jennifer says

    I don’t batch cook often. I’m one of those people that finds the routine of cooking nightly to be soothing (even with two kids running around). However, this time of year it seems to be completely necessary. Last Dec. I was up until at least 1 am every single night until Christmas. I am trying my best to avoid that this year. I’m taking a couple of tips from you and sticking meals in the freezer and planning a month worth of meals at once. I think I’m even going to make the Christmas Eve party appetizers and Christmas morning cinnamon rolls early and freeze them! Thanks for all your hard work! I don’t know how you get it all done :-)

  4. says

    I have been using your idea for freezer cooking with chicken. I bought 5 pounds of fresh chicken Saturday and was able to divide it out as follows:
    2 containers chicken (coarsely ground & Mexican seasoned) for quesadillas/tacos
    1 container grilled chicken strips for topping salads (would have been 2, but my husband sneaked a taste of one of the marinated, grilled strips & couldn’t hold himself back so he ate another batch)
    2 containers (5 pieces each) of chicken breasts, halved.
    So for under $10, I got 5+ meals. Thanks for the cook-ahead-and-freeze chicken idea!

  5. says

    Batch cooking can be a great time and money saver. Like Lauren, I pre-cook chicken and freeze it for individual meals later. I also leave some shredded chicken in the fridge for anyone to cook up a taco at their convenience. It makes me life much easier.

    Those pepperoni calzones look delicious. I can’t wait to try that recipe.

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