Barilla Pasta – $.50 per box at Kroger

1 lb boxes of Barilla pasta, including whole wheat and piccolini, are on sale at Kroger this week and next (sale at my store expires on 9/12) for just $1…

Match with the $1/2 coupons from yesterday’s Sunday paper and you’ve got yourself $.50 boxes of pasta!

I’m often asked…how much couponing goes into the food part of $5 Dinners?! I reply that most of the couponing that I do is for toiletries and other household items, but every once in a while a great coupon (like these) will come along and really help reduce the costs of the overall meal.

I love to get $.50 boxes of pasta…as it gives me a little more wiggle room to get creative and come up with a new $5 dinner!  The $.50 difference in paying regular sale price for a box of pasta (around $1) and matching up those coupons to get $.50 boxes…can make or break the cost of the meal!

What about you…how much of your couponing goes towards food and meal ingredients?!

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