Barilla Gluten Free Pasta | Printable Coupon

$1.00 off any package of BARILLA Gluten Free Pasta


Calling all GFers…have you seen this new product? I haven’t noticed it in my grocery store yet…but I’ll have my eyes peeled. I’m not sure what it retails for, but $1/1 is a great coupon nonetheless!!!

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    • Cheryl says

      Gary A. – just because someone disagrees with a lifestyle, does not mean they hate anyone. It just means they disagree with it. I wouldn’t support something I didn’t agree with, regardless of what it was/is. Most people are that way. They don’t support something they don’t agree with, whether it’s a sports team, a manufacturer, or even a co-worker and their ideas. Yet, there’s no hate. So, my point?? I’m sick of hearing people yell, scream and complain, about everyone hating someone or something, just because they don’t agree with the other person. There’s no hate going on. Just a difference of opinion and ideals.


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