Bargain Meal of the Week – Launched!!!

Bargain Meal of the Week

Well, it’s official. Bargain Meal of the Week is up and running! The post can be found by clicking on the Bargain Meal of the Week icon in my sidebar. I will also periodically remind everyone to check in, as meals will be updated each week!

I have a FABULOUS team of contributors and I look forward to checking out all their recipes!!!

There are a few stores that don’t have links yet, as their ads run from Wednesday – Tuesday. The links will be placed later in the week as the posts are written based on this coming week’s ads.

You can learn more about what bargain meal of the week is here, and you can find the static post with all the links here.

Also, I will be running a series on menu planning in the coming weeks.

I hope this new feature will encourage everyone to pay closer attention to their grocery store ads AND add a little creativity and diversity into you cooking!


  1. Bargain Briana says

    Is that you in the cart? Ha ha! Great idea! I look forward to reading what creative people come up with! :)

  2. Anonymous says

    You eat way too much meat. Those poor animals live such awful miserable lives and are butchered in such a brutal way just so you can buy cheap meat. Eat cruelty free animal products. It should be just as much a priority as saving money.

  3. $5 Dinner Mom says

    Thanks for your comment anonymous. I appreciate your opinion. I do believe that eating animal meat is just fine. We eat plenty of meals with no animal protein. If you wish to talk further about this, please email me.

  4. B. Keefer says

    This is great! We can all use a little help in the frugal meal arena every once in a while.

    How often will updated meals be posted? Our grocery ads run from Wed – Tues. Will the meals be posted before the typical weekend shopping trip?

  5. Zenobiah says

    I love the price of your meals but I am not so enthused about the healthiness of some of them… Do you think there could be a separate label for healthy 5$ meals? That would help us out a bunch. My hubby has heart ptoblems and high blood pressure and we are trying to eat more greens and less meat.

    Thanks for a great blog! I get a lot of inspiration here.

  6. $5 Dinner Mom says

    Recipes are found in the recipe index.

    B. Keefer- Posts will be automatically updated each week as the contributor posts their recipe. So if the ad comes out on Wednesday, chances are the contributor will have it posted by Thursday, so yes! Plenty of time for weekend shopping trip.

    I am sorry to hear about your husbands health trouble. Each of my meals typically consists of a meat/chicken/pork or rice/beans protein, a starch (rice, pasta, potato, sweet potato) and a vegetable.

    I usually eat salad for lunch…more on that in a future post :)


  7. Anonymous says

    I noticed you have many grocery stores I have never heard of. What about east coast grocery stores like Acme, Shoprite, Genuardi’s?

  8. $5 Dinner Mom says


    Don’t have any contributors for those stores yet. If you’d like to help, let me know. I am not being prejudiced :)

    All stores are welcome!!!


  9. Anonymous says

    wonderful Idea!! I love it.

    I just checked out the menus for the stores in my area. Not all of them had a recipe or a link to one. It would really helpful :(

    Thank you for all you do and for how you have changed my meal time at home.

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