Bargain Meal of the Week – Kroger, Meijer

Not sure what to eat this week? Not a coupon user? Planning meals is a great way to save a little money at the grocery store. Planning meals based on the advertised sales alone can REALLY help reduce your grocery budget.

Here are a few frugal meals that I see this week (Prices based on SW Ohio store circulars):

Kroger – Pork Chops ($1.99/lb) with Mashed Sweet Potatoes ($.79/lb) and Sauteed Asparagus ($.99/lb)

For a family of 4, purchase 1 package of pork chops for about $2.25, 4 small sweet potatoes for $1.58, and 1 bunch of asparagus for $.99.

Pork Chop and Sweet Potato recipes found here

Total for the meal: $4.82

Meijer – Pork Loin ($1.79/lb), Mashed Potatoes ($2.49/8 lbs), and Asparagus ($1.47/lb)

For a family of 4, purchase 2 lb pork loin ($3.58), 1 8 lb bag of potatoes (use only 1/3 of the bag) ($.83), and 1 bunch of asparagus ($1.47)

Pork Loin and Mashed Potato Recipes found here

Total for the meal: $5.88

Catch My Vision: I would LOVE to have more frugal meals to post each week! Here’s where I need your help!!! If you would like to help others save money at the grocery store (and of course help yourself at the same time!), then I’ve got a proposition for you. I would love to have more meals deals for different grocery stores around the country. I WISH I had time to explore the different grocery store circulars and post a meal for each of them. Since I can’t do it alone, I need you to help. If you are interested in helping me get more grocery stores on the “Frugal Meal of the Week” post, please email me (click on “Contact” above!). I would be glad to send you more details. Thanks so much :)


  1. Reborn says

    I just found this site through a link at Journey to A Gracious Woman and I’m really interested in this concept. However, is 4 small potatoes and 1 bunch of asparagus really enough for 4 people? My hubby and I definitely eat 1 bunch of asparagus between the two of us regularly.

  2. Amanda says

    I love this idea! Have you considered also opening it up to meal ideas based upon ads from other Kroger regions? I know based upon weekly Kroger posts/shopping trips that I read around the web that prices and sales can vary considerably from one Kroger region to the next.

  3. $5 Dinner Mom says

    Amanda- Yes, I would love to feature more Kroger stores in different regions! If you are interested in helping, please let me know.

    Reborn- I picked up about 1 lb of Asparagus for $.99. It was a large bunch of skinnier asparagus. It will be plenty for my family. Of course, you can always buy more :)


  4. Anonymous says

    Have you ever done low-carb $5 dinners??? I know potatoes, pasta, rice…it’s all very cheap. But, low-carb is NONE of those. I follow a high protein, low carb and low fat diet (lots of meat, veggies and salads). This can be quite expensive, even with my zillion coupons! Any ideas??

  5. Kathleen in MT says

    I read your interview at the Once A Month Mom site. If you are craving lasagna, here is how I can do one for $7.71 for my seven (including 3 teenagers!). This is based on recent things I have bought and have in my pantry right now:

    1 lb burger…1.79 at Walmart
    4 c cottage cheese….$2 at Smiths
    4 c tomato sauce from Sam’s (half a large can $1.30
    1 can mushrooms $0.25
    2 cups mozarella, shredded, bought on sale at Smith’s for $2.75/lb…..1.37
    1 package Lasagna noodles….$1
    Total $7.71

    That is enough to fee my family of 7 so for a family of four that would come out to $4.40 and leaves enough for some onions and garlic and other spices you already have on hand.

  6. Jessica says

    Hello! I am interested in sharing grocery store sale prices from my area (midwest) if you would like! Also I read your interview at Once a Month Mom and have a suggestion. Why not add a segment such as “Sunday Splurges”, where the recipes are still budget-minded but can go over the $5 limit? Thanks for producing this site! I recently started a recipe blog too, which centers around my all-consuming obsession with cookbooks. Recipes online are no different – I just love recipes! Not the glamourous high style gourmet stuff, but quick and simple, affordable, yummy recipes. Especially in today’s economy, a site like yours is a blessing! Thanks again!

  7. Jessica says

    Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I made the plunge and moved from WordPress to Blogger; I think in the long run they will better meet my needs. I will email you the new link to my Price Chopper Budget Meals section.


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