Bargain Meal of the Week Highlights

Each week I highlight a few of the great meal ideas and recipes from different contributors to the Bargain Meal of the Week.

Don’t see your grocery store on this hightlights list, check the COMPLETE list of stores and contributors here!

Hyvee- Inside Out Cheeseburgers from Savin’ It Up!

Market Basket – A High and Noble Calling has a great tip about asking the butcher for a favor

Shaws – Want to know what to do when pork loin is on sale…Happy Cheapskate has some fabulous ideas!

Stop and Shop – Happy Cheapskate is featuring a great Italian Lentil Stew

I hope you can incorporate a bargain meal into your weekly meal plan!


  1. Vikki Lozano says

    Stumbled across your website – Love it!
    I don’t know where you’re located but in in my part of the country (Texas), I shop
    at HEB. They currently have pork loin on sale – huge pork loins 7# and up! – for
    $1.00 per #. I got one at $7.04, cut in 1/2, slow roasted one piece for pulled
    pork sammies. Including the buns, bbq sauce and chips, it fed 6 (3 adults, 2
    sammies each and 3 kids 1 sammie each) for $6.30! After reading a few posts
    from your site, I’m going back today to buy a few more to cut up and freeze.
    Thanks for the ideas and encouragement!

  2. says

    I found your site while looking for…you guessed it, “meals under $5.00”. My wife and I recently looked at what we were spending on food an it was silly. Most of the meals look better and cheaper that what we were eating before. Great job!

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