Bargain Meal of the Week Highlights

Each week I highlight a few of the great meal ideas and recipes from different contributors to the Bargain Meal of the Week.

Don’t see your grocery store on this hightlights list, check the COMPLETE list of stores and contributors here!

Pick n Save – Susie posted a fantabulous recipe for Coq Au Vin-Guine. A must try!

Stop n Shop – Happy Cheapskate shares a Pork and Bean Skillet Supper for this week.

WinCo Foods – Lori’s making Tuna Cakes this week!  YUM!

Publix – And there’s another scrumptious recipe over at Peculiar Homemaker…Eggplant and Andouille!

I hope you can incorporate a bargain meal into your weekly meal plan!


  1. Beth in Ohio says

    I was just sitting here at my office desk, pondering how to use my last frozen ziploc of shredded pork roast (3 packed-cups) that I crocked with just salt, pepper & garlic powder. I’m going to tweek the Pork and Bean Skillet Supper for dinner tonight. I’ll get my skillet hot, and stir together the oil, s&p and brown sugar, then add my pork to warm up. I don’t have apple juice, but I do have unsweetend applesauce. I’ll just substitute that, and follow the rest of the directions. I think I’ll add a can of beans to bulk up the meal since I will also be feeding my DD’s boyfriend who eats double what a normal adult would!

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