Bananas – Creative Uses

Bananas! Glorious Bananas!

Everyone loves them! Except my 3 year old! Refuses!

Fine, I say! I will get you your bananas. I will blend them up into “banana juice“!

I never let a banana go to waste! We eat them everyday. Whether with breakfast, mixed into pancakes or waffles, or blended into juice. A delicious part of every day!

Of course I turn the browning ones into banana bread. I probably make 2-3 loaves a month. It’s a great snack, quick breakfast and the boys can eat it (no soy or oats!).

What other “banana” ideas do you all have???


  1. Martha A. says

    What about banana bread made with whole wheat flour or banana muffins? I have a great banana cake recipe we like!

  2. Sarah says

    I make banana hot dogs for my sons lunch. We just place a banana in a left over hot dog roll and add toppings we spread with peanut butter and jelly or nutella some times we sprinkle brewers yeast on top or nuts. He loves it and it uses up those extra buns and bananas.

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