CLOSED! The Baking Bites Cookbook Giveaway

UPDATED: This giveaway is now closed!

Winners are…

#7- Stephanie H.

#72- Deborah

#113- Sue D.

#200- Katie P.

#207- Maria P.

Congrats to you all!  Emails have been sent!

Last year when I went to visit the Smuckers Headquarters, I met Nicole from Baking Bites. The Smuckers Food Team made a few of the different recipes that we had posted on our sites for breakfast. I took one bite of Nicole’s Jelly Filled Donuts (recipe in her cookbook), and I about started drooling right there. (Probably not the smartest thing to do while conversing with the CEO of Smuckers!)

I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. And I don’t make many desserts on purpose! But when I do bake, I like to bake fun and different treats to munch on! If you are a baker looking for some new recipes to try, then this cookbook is for you…

  • Chai Spiced Coffee Cake
  • White Chocolate Oatmeal Crunch Brownies
  • Cinnamon Struesel Banana Cake

Today I’m giving away 1 copy of The Baking Bites Cookbook by Nicole Weston to 5 fellow sweets lovers! You’ll get 51 fabulous new recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth.

To enter the giveaway, follow the rules below!

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Friday, May 7th at 10 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

2. Entry #1: Leave a comment sharing your favorite dessert and why!

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  1. Natalie says

    My favorite dessert is a warm triple chocolate brownie with dulce de leche ice cream. It’s the perfect pairing of warmth and cold, chocolate and vanilla!

  2. Jean says

    If I could only have one dessert the rest of my life, I think it would be brownies – with chocolate chips in them, of course!

  3. Eva says

    I love any flavor of pie except bannana and I also love cheesecake becaue its creamy and delicious.

  4. jenny martin says

    Do I have to choose a favorite? I make a killer apple pie, and an oatmeal pie….but I love chocolate and coconut…I love a chocolate icebox pie or a coconut icebox pie!

  5. Candace says

    My favorite dessert is mud pie. Maybe one with a layer of coffee ice cream and a layer of cookies and cream ice cream. And whipped cream on top. And hot fudge sauce. With nuts. Why? Are you kidding me????

    Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  6. Heather says

    My favorite dessert is Strawberry Shortcake. I may have to make myself one for Mother’s Day :)

  7. Amy S. says

    My favorite dessert would be yellow cake with homemade fudge icing like my Grandmother makes for me.

  8. jill golding says

    I follow up thru $5 dinner emails……
    MMMM tough decison my fav desert… would have to be my mom’s chocolate
    sheet cake…. I ask for it every birthday… and it’s funny only half of the family likes nuts so on that half of the cake she sprinkles toasted coconut on top of the icing… This cake is so moist and rich… It’s chocolate heaven… would someone please pass me a bib !!!! LOL

  9. says

    Pies love pies especially the old fashioned diner style pies with meringue topping. In fact the pie on the cover of that cookbook looks awesome. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the baking bites cookbook.

  10. Jess S says

    No way I can pick just one! But if I really had to…if you were forcing me to…then I’d probably say Bananas Foster. Mmm…
    As a category of desserts, though, I’m a huge cupcake fan!

  11. Denise F. says

    Ooooo….this is a toughee….if I had to choose one (that is at the top of my list anyway….), it would be CARROT CAKE….what is NOT to like….moist cake made with carrots, cream cheese frosting….perhaps a sprinkling of chopped nuts…*drooling just thinking about it*….:)

  12. Annette Y. says

    My favorite dessert would have to be ice-cream sundaes. Every year my family would travel to GA. from Ohio to visit my grandparents. We always seemed to go down in August or September, horrible time to head south, and as a treat every night after dinner Poppy would make us all ice cream sundaes! Now that my grandparents have passed away & even though I could have ice cream everyday, I only have ice cream sundae’s when I go on vacation. Love Ya Poppy & Grandma

  13. says

    My favorite desert would be 5 minute CHOCOLATE microwave mug cake.. Hot chocolate lava type cake in less than 5 minutes with Ice Cream on top!!!!

  14. Mary says

    My favorite desserts are anything that contains chocolate caramel and pecans. This weekend I am making brownies, topped w homemade caramel and toasted pecans!

  15. Bessie Burnsed says

    Pumpkin pie with whipped cream…is my favorite. It makes me feel all happy inside. I love that.

    also, I’m a follower on twitter and facebook

  16. Lauren Siano says

    My favorite dessert is carrot cake with cream cheese icing because I love the texture and mix of flavors!

  17. Jennifer Spinks says

    My favorite dessert is a warm chocolate brownie with vanilla icecream and warm fudge syrup drizzled over top!

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