CLOSED! Bake Me a Wish Cakes – Giveaway

Update: This giveaway is now closed…winners will be announced soon!

Cake anyone?!?

There I am…wishing I could eat a slice of each different flavor!  The first time I placed one of these delectable pieces of cake in my mouth was at the Savvy Blogging Summit last month. And I think I fell a little deeper in love with chocolate.

Now, that is how a chocolate cake should taste!

After just one bite, I just had to ask if Bake Me a Wish would “bring the cakes” to this party!  And they graciously agreed!  While most birthday parties serve the cake last, that will not be happening at this birthday party!

We’ll let the sweetness kick us off!

Oh dear, sweet Boston Cream Cake. Ahh.

So…there are 5 cakes up for grabs at the party…you get to choose from 24 flavors!  And yes, you get to eat the whole cake!  All by yourself…or perhaps with a friend, or a husband, or a kiddo.  Or by yourself.

Divvy it up as you wish…but 5 of you will be getting a cake to celebrate the 2nd Birthday of $5 Dinners!

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Wednesday, Aug 18, at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

2. Entry #1: Leave a comment just sharing your favorite kind of cake!!!

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  1. Jenny says

    Email and facebook fan. The cakes all look delicious! Vanilla bean, Boston cream, or Mississippi mud would be my picks.

  2. Jean Calsada says

    As Marie Antoinette once said, “Let Them Eat Cake”! Cake is my downfall. My favorite is chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting. If I am lucky enough to win one of the cakes, I would certainly share with my husband who loves chocolate just as much as me.

  3. Jennifer Mackey says

    I love cake…hard to come up with a favorite! I made a spice cake with caramel buttercream frosting for my husband’s birthday that was absolutely incredible :) YUM!

  4. Sara says

    Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! This could be right in time for my grandfather’s birthday.

  5. Kristine Roberts says

    There really isn’t any cake that I don’t like but yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my favorite.

  6. Barb Dawson says

    This is a difficult question! I like German chocolate, Carrot, and CHOCOLATE cake…but I haven’t met a cake I didn’t like!
    I like bundt cakes, pudding cakes, Ice cream cakes…I just have a BIG Sweet Tooth!
    THANKS 4 the giveaway! :)

  7. Karie says

    My favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. May sound simple, but it is SO YUMMY, especially when it’s still warm!