Tricia’s Garden Stir Fry Recipe

by Tricia H on August 22, 2013

Garden vegetables and your favorite meat – all stirred up in one dish – make for a simple, healthy and quick meal! Each time I make stir fry, the ingredients vary. This time I used a medley of broccoli and cauliflower I found on sale in the produce section. Chicken breasts, sliced thin and seasoned […]


Tricia’s Cool Uses for Cucumbers

by Tricia H on July 25, 2013

With a larger family of five children from preschool to high school, I am all the time looking for new ways to eat healthy and fill tummies! Thanks to our small, square foot garden, we’ve enjoyed large amounts of cucumbers. We are eating cucumbers in all kinds of ways for lunches and sides for suppers […]

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Sauteed Okra Recipe

by Tricia H on June 27, 2013

Summer comes and it’s always time for fried okra. But it’s also always good to have a lighter version of a garden favorite. That’s when it’s time to slice up and saute your okra. Four cups of sliced okra makes a wonderful side for my family of seven. Yum! Sauteed Okra Yield – 8 servings […]

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Crispy Ranch Mozzarella Chicken Strips Recipe

by Tricia H on May 23, 2013

Quick, easy and crowd-pleasing is this very simple chicken recipe. I made it with chicken breast strips and pantry staples I had on hand. My daughter found the chicken recipe on Pinterest and we adapted it for our family, doubling the amounts and using mozzarella cheese. Make it especially frugal by snagging chicken on sale! […]


Two favorites combined together make for double the child-friendliness of this recipe! My daughter found a photo/pin via Pinterest. She created her own version of macaroni and cheese grilled cheese – one that has her siblings asking her to make it all the time. She basically cooked a favorite store-bought box of pasta with Velveeta […]


Tricia’s Potato Salad

by Tricia H on March 28, 2013

Potatoes are filling and frugal. Plus, a potato salad can be pretty and spring-like! Potato salad can take you right on through summer, in fact. My basic recipe can be tweaked to your tastes. You could use a purple onion just because it looks great. Sour cream is also a simple substitute for the mayo […]

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Tricia’s Slow Cooker Sloppy Chicken Recipe

by Tricia H on February 28, 2013

I love those recipes that don’t require much thought. This is a simple and easy twist on my Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken. Just put your chicken in the slow cooker, add the sloppy sauce and cook. It’s a crowd-pleasing meal with little effort. Slow Cooker Sloppy Chicken Adapted from Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken Yield – […]

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Tricia’s Veggie Spaghetti Recipe

by Tricia H on January 24, 2013

Spaghetti is on the menu just about every Monday night at our house. Spaghetti is frugal, has wide appeal, and feeds many. Plus, sometimes I need to remind myself that we can enjoy more than just sauce on our noodles. I reminded myself recently when I saw those snow peas on sale. And the nearby […]


Easy Stromboli Recipe

by Tricia H on December 31, 2012

Busy weeknights, simple lunch time, a favorite for all time. My friend Kim’s stromboli recipe is an easy way to fill tummies. I usually keep it simple with shredded cheese and turkey pepperoni for filling. But you can make it heartier with lunch meat like Kim does. This recipe is easily adaptable according to how […]


Tricia’s Slow Cooker Old Bay Rotisserie Chicken

by Tricia H on November 30, 2012

So many times I turn to the slow cooker for feeding my family. And often I try to put a new spin on a family favorite recipe just to make it stretch a little further for those hungry teens. Recently I paired two different slow cooker recipes. The result was delicious! My friend Phyllis, at […]