20 Meals from Costco & 20 Meals from Sam’s Club – February’s Pinterest Boards of the Month

Sams Pinterest Board

If you could prepare 20 meals for your family for $150 would you do it? Guess what? I have done it many times and you can do it, too! For the month of February I am featuring several of my favorite Pinterest boards to give you the recipes and shopping list so you can do the same thing at Sam's Club and Costco. Over 54,000 people are following these three boards on … [Read more...]

Rice and Beans on a Budget – January’s Pinterest Board of the Month

Rice and Beans Budget Pinterest Board

How often do you add rice and/or beans into your meal plan? If you are trying to stretch the family budget starting in 2014 try adding in rice and bean recipes into your weekly meal plan. I have a lot of tasty recipes for rice and beans as well as cooking tips. For January, I'm featuring the Rice and Beans Budget Board on Pinterest. If you click over you will find that I am … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookies – December’s Pinterest Board of the Month

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 8.55.06 PM

Tis the Season to be making and baking Christmas cookies for family and friends. We have our favorites but enjoy trying new cookies. Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging we can now go on Pinterest and visually see an unlimited amount of new tasty holiday temptations. What are some of your family favorite Christmas cookies? Do you ever try new recipes? We've been collecting … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Leftovers on Pinterest

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Our families love all the savory and sweet family favorite dishes that are served for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year dinners. How about yours? These meals take a lot of planning and then before you know it we are at the day after and have containers of leftovers. What are some of your family favorite Thanksgiving leftovers? What do you make with the leftover mashed … [Read more...]