Denise’s Pumpkin Cheesecake with Toffee Chips

pumpkin cheesecake toffee topping

My friend Janet makes this fabulous pumpkin cheesecake topped with toffee chips and it is so delicious that I asked her permission to share the recipe with you guys. I'm planning on making a big one for the family for Thanksgiving dinner but Janet used small 4" spring form pans for hers to make individual cheesecakes to share with friends. She tells me that she prefers to use … [Read more...]

Denise’s Tomato and Feta Salad Recipe (Gluten Free)


This tomato and feta salad is so simple to make and so pretty to look at that it's become that special potluck dish we take to every party and family event. People rave over it and everyone wants the recipe, I can even get most of the kids to eat it - I still have one that resists anything with green in it, and one that just doesn't do cheese. It only takes a few minutes … [Read more...]

Denise’s Cinnamon Pecans

Denise's Cinnamon Pecans

We have a pecan tree in the back yard that is producing like crazy this year, unfortunately the squirrels are enjoying more of them than we are but it still put me in the mood to make some pecan yummies even though I actually had a to buy a bag of nuts at the store. There are only a few ingredients needed for this super simple recipe and the kids really enjoyed helping … [Read more...]

Denise’s Easy Ziploc Bag Ice Cream Recipe

Easy Ziploc Bag Ice Cream

My kids have been seeing television commercials for an ice cream maker that shows kids making their own ice cream in 15 minutes and it does look fun (and tasty!) but they're $10 each and of course I'd have to get one for each of the five kids. Instead we figured out how to make our own ice cream using zip style plastic bags that we already have in the house. All you need … [Read more...]

Denise’s Grilled Bacon Ranch Potatoes

Grilled Bacon Ranch Potatoes |

We absolutely love to grill out, really any time of the year, but we do seem to cook on the grill much more often in the summer months and these potatoes are one of our favorite dishes to make. I'd been planning to make them all week long but the weather hasn't cooperated since we've been getting buckets of rain so I made them in the oven tonight instead and they were just as … [Read more...]