Connie’s Fried Rice


My family of 10 loves this recipe. There are so many ways to prepare it by adding different vegetables and meats, that we often vary it by what we have in the fridge. The "must haves" for this recipe are simple - just rice, eggs, and soy sauce.  Then you can add any other veggies or leftover meats that you have available to round out the meal. Fried Rice Yield - 4 … [Read more...]

Connie’s Swedish Meatballs


My family of 10 loves Swedish meatballs! They are the ultimate comfort food when served over a big helping of mashed potatoes and smothered in gravy! YUM! Swedish Meatballs Yield - 10 servings Preparation Time - 10 minutes Cooking Time - 25 minutes Ingredients 2 lbs. ground beef 2 Tbsp. oil 1 egg 2 cans cream of mushroom soup (or make your own cream of … [Read more...]

Connie’s Slow Cooker Mexican Shredded Roast


This is a new recipe I tried when I invited my friend, Karla, and her 11 children over for lunch. In case you are keeping score, that makes 19 children between the two of us, so this recipe served 21 people! It is delicious, frugal, and filling! The roast literally falls apart, and all the ingredients make it a stew-like dish with a Mexican kick. It can be served over egg … [Read more...]

Fall Fry {One Skillet Dinner for 10}

fall fry

A few years ago, my family visited Silver Dollar City and noticed a delicious meal being served up from street vendor carts for about $10 per plate. I came home from that trip and decided I could make that same meal for my entire family of 10 for under $10! We dubbed it "Fall Fry" and it is an often requested dish that is super simple to make because it only requires one … [Read more...]

Connie’s Pizza For 10

My family loves pizza night because everyone gets to pitch in and make the pizza just like they want them! I love pizza night because this recipe is so quick we can make our own pizzas by the time any pizzas would be delivered and we have tons of fun doing it! Our family of 10 will eat two of these large pizzas for under $10 total! Here is the recipe for one large … [Read more...]