Augmentin, Singulair, Amoxicillin, Demerol, All in One Week ~ The Chase Family Meal Plan

sweet potato black bean enchiladas

I *think* we are almost on a first name basis with the gals at Walgreens pharmacy. I wonder if next time the red van pulls into the drive thru lane, the gal will pick up the phone and say, “Good morning Erin, which kid is it this time?”


In the past week-ish, we’ve been to Walgreens 3 times…once for the baby with his 2nd ear infection in a month, he gets the Augmentin. And Singulair, as this is also his 4th sinus infection in his first year of life. (Something isn’t working in his sinuses correctly! We are exploring preventative treatments. And have already cut out Top 8 allergens from his diet! And perhaps he just needs to have his adenoids out like all of his older brothers had done. Hhmmmm.)

Once for the preschooler, whose cold he caught on the last day of school before break turned into a raging sinus infection…lotting him the Amoxicillin.

And because I needed to add insult to the medication frenzy, the oldest needed some Demerol concoction for a procedure at the dentist…an appointment that I really should have rescheduled.

Double sigh.

We are all healthy again, breathing properly through our noses. At least until one of them catches something from somewhere. Then the cycle begins again.

“They won’t share their toys, but they will share their germs.” ~ Our pediatrician in OH  #wellsaid

But really, this is all the more reason to have a meal plan. To take the 5-10 minutes to write down some recipes or meals to make that week…makes the busy, hectic days feels just a few ounces less stressful than they could have been.

Below is what we’re dining on this week…at the very least, this is the plan. And note, that I’ve added Baked Greek Chicken again this week, as we didn’t get to it last week. I ended up dropping the chicken breasts in the slow cooker with some spices to make shredded chicken for the nachos and another meal. More details on that soon.

Figured out what meals you want to make…now find the best deals by searching in the Favado app to determine which store has the best price on ingredients (mainly meats and vegetables)? Use the app to get the most bang for your grocery buck! 

Or spin the table and search the Favado app before making your meal plan, then plan your meals based on your family’s favorite ingredients that are on sale! 

And there a some really great coupons available now that I’ve used this past week…I’ve linked them below in the plan!

Our Family’s Meal Plan




I have GOBS of sweet potatoes to use up this week. And a slew of potatoes as well. I might never want to eat potatoes again after this week. Actually, I might end up doing a huge “Sweet Potato Bake” and then mash them up and freeze them so they don’t go to waste. Hmm.

Find all these recipes pinned onto Erin’s Chase Family Meal Plans board on Pinterest…pin them to your boards!



  1. Kate says

    I’ve heard people have great success with meleluca oil for ear infections! I personally use doterra oils and can’t get enough of them.

  2. Leah Frank says

    When my nephew was very young (infant to toddler) he got chronic sinus infections, ear infections and throat infections. He also has asthma. It was chronic that it always seemed like my sister was in the ER or Drs. office. He eventually got a really bad case of pneumonia and had to be in the hospital for almost a week. The Drs. advised my sister that he should have his tonsils and adenoids removed and a sinus irrigation procedure. Also, had tubes placed in is ears. She finally decided to have it done after the pneumonia and I think he was around 3-4 years of age. It did work wonders for him. He still has allergies and some asthma but nothing like he did. He very rarely got sick after that and when he did he got the normal colds and bugs that other kids get. Has never gotten pneumonia again or been hospitalized. He is now 15 and healthy. It is a big step with caution but it made a huge difference in his life. It was horrible to watch him in the hospital with pneumonia. Hopefully yours won’t come to this and things will work themselves out. He takes after his aunt (me) who has always had chronic allergies, sinus infections and terrible ear infections. Hope all works out well for you.

  3. says

    I think you would find a great improvement in your family’s health if you used therapeutic grade essential oils. We haven’t been to the doctor in over 6 months! I threw out a bunch of expired meds we had in our cupboard the other day and I don’t think I will ever need to buy them again. Young Living is the only brand I would put on my family. I hope you all get better very soon!

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