Apple Crisp – Freezer, Slow Cooker, Oven and Campfire {Guest Post}

Fall reminds us of beautiful leaves, carving pumpkins, apple orchards and hay rides. Visiting an apple orchard is great way to buy in bulk and save money. If you can’t use a whole bushel (which is usually cheaper), consider splitting with a neighbor or friend. Or have a sign-up sheet at work and offer to buy in bulk when you make your purchase. Visit your local farmer’s or tailgate market. You can often barter with smaller, local road side stands or farmers when you buy two or more bushels.

If you find yourself with a bushel of fresh apples to store, here are some handy tips to keep them from spoiling quickly:

  • Don’t wash until ready to eat
  • Sort through any bruised ones and use them first
  • Store as many as possible in the refrigerator
  • Store the rest in a cool storage area, such as a basement, cellar or crawl space

You may find yourself eating a variety of fresh apples and making many apple recipes, which brings up preservation. How can you preserve a fresh apple if they’re getting softer?

Some like canning, but I’m a freezer queen. I’ve created a freezer apple crisp kit which saves time, money and energy via cooking in the crock pot, basic oven or fire pit. I like to make several kits in batches and freeze the crumb topping with it. This is a fantastic way to preserve the “not so perfect apple” and prevent waste. Plus I’m saving time and energy by doubling or tripling the recipe. In the long run, I will be able to cook three ways without any prep work.

Freezer cooking is a money, time and energy saving way to cook!

Jackie Brown is a mom on a mission creating wholesome freezer meals for her family while providing for the poor and needy in her church and community. She’s been freezer cooking for eleven years and shares her passion through local classes and speaking engagements.

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