ANNOUNCING! One Dish Dinners – The New Sister Site to $5 Dinners

Okey-dokey my dearest friends!

It’s time I introduce you to $5 Dinners’ New Little Sister!

One Dish Dinners

I have been working for the past weeks/months with the marvelous duo at Kohler Created getting ready for this day. And no, we don’t have some elaborate April Fool’s Joke to play one you, but we do have this exciting new website to share with you!  A giant thanks to the 2 of them for making my “little sister website” dreams come true!

The reason for this little sister website?!?

I’m hunkering down to work on my 3rd cookbook, The $5 Dinner Mom’s One Dish Dinners!

The One Dish Dinners website will be where I share some of the recipes that will be featured in my 3rd cookbook (due out in 2012), and also where I share tips and tricks that will help you spend less time doing the dishes, less time throwing dinner together and less $$$ at the grocery store!

See the spend less theme!

To celebrate ODD’s birthday, we’ll be having a few giveaways in the coming weeks…so pay close attention!  Some will be for our Facebook family only, some will be for our Twitter family only, others for those with lots of friends, and others for email subscribers!

I’m giving away cookbooks, Amazon gift cards, and I’m even gonna pay for someone’s grocery bill!

Giveaway Option #1$25 Gift Cards

  • These giveaways will be done randomly on April 6th on Facebook and on One Dish Dinners Twitter account, so follow along if you aren’t already! You’ll have really high changes on the ODD Twitter account, because it’s brand new with very few followers! Congrats to @redheadmommy and Shauna D!

Giveaway Option #2 A copy of both of my cookbooks

  • Enter by emailing a friend to let them know about the new One Dish Dinners site.  Please include the email in the cc, or bcc, section, to be entered.  And you can send up to 10 different emails to be entered up to 10 times to win. All emails received by April 15th will be entered to win! Congrats to Kathy…winner of copies of both of my cookbooks!

Giveaway Option #3A Week’s Worth of Groceries, $75!

  • Enter by going over to One Dish Dinners and leaving a comment telling me which recipe you’ll be making next week!  Comment must be left on One Dish Dinners, not here. Comments must be submitted by April 15th. Congrats to Shellie…winner of the week’s worth of groceries!

Giveaway Option #4 A Month’s Worth of Groceries, up to $300!

  • Enter by subscribing to email updates from One Dish Dinners!  On April 30th, I will chose 1 person from the email newsletter list at random. I will then pay for an entire month’s worth of their groceries, up to $300! Wahoo!!!!!  Congrats to the Wilde Family for winning!!!

All winners will be announced back on this post on the date’s specified!

I want to thank each of you…because you are wh0 makes this all possible. Thank you for being here everyday.

Now, head on over there and give a big snuggle to the sweet little One Dish Dinners.  I’ll let you snuggle with her all you want!  Give her a warm welcome to the $5 Dinners Family!


  1. Heather says

    For #3 do we comment here or on the new site? Congratulations to you! I can’t wait to see what you post there. We have found so many favorites from your last cook book!

    I think my family would love the ■Slow Cooker Curried Coconut Chicken!

  2. Sara K says

    Just an FYI, I found it hard to find this website off of your new one. Congratulations on your new venture! :)

  3. RondaT says

    I’m going to make Spicy Chorizo and Lentil Soup because I want to try lentils, but I’m not going to make it very spicy, I have wimpy mouth and can’t handle the spice! LOL

  4. Allison says

    How exciting! I love your product in general and I know the One Dish Dinners venture will be great–it’s right up my alley. I’ve added it to my RSS feed and subscribed to the emails. Congratulations!!!

  5. LisaE says

    Maybe it’s just me but I can’t leave a comment on the One Dish Dinner site?

    If the comment is to be left here I would choose the Loaded PotatoFriata also. My family loves potatoes and we always have them laying around;-

  6. Karen Hiebert says

    link doesn’t work for #4. but looking forward to it, we don’t use lots of stuff for the meals, just one dish since its just the two of us

  7. Gail Becker says

    I love your new website! I appreciate all you do, to make my life easier when it comes to cooking!

  8. Amanda says

    Erin LOVE the new website! I cant wait to try the macaroni salad for a party we are having this weekend!! Congrats on the new site! I am sure I will love it as much as this one!!!

  9. Mary E.S. says

    I love anything that leaves me with less dishes to wash.I have a notebook with all our fav casseroles or one dish meals and am looking forward to using the recipes from the new site.

  10. Karen Hiebert says

    im going to book mark it. :) thanks for the giveway, its right on my bday!!! :) so i feel a little less old. 😀

  11. sheri grennille says

    i just visited one dish dinners and i think i will try the southwest macaroni and cheese. it sounds very good.

  12. Anita Brown says

    Hope this is the right place to leave a comment to be entered in your giveway. All the recipes look really good. I love macaroni & cheese so I will try to make the Southwestern Mac & cheese

  13. Michelle says

    Just signed up and hope that it will be simple dishes, since I am a family of one I dont like to cook a bunch of food that I have to eat on all week, just enough for a day or two.

  14. Marisol Bonilla says

    This looks awesome and 5$ dinners so wonderful for busy moms LOve Love Love it!!!! I am signing up now to try some yummie recipes mmmmm good

  15. Julie Kroske says

    This is so exciting for you and US! I can’t wait to get started with the One Dish Dinners. Thanks for all the effort you put forth into helping us!

  16. Donna says

    I just signed up yesterday…so excited to start making your recipes.. AND I have already forwarded your site and info to my daughter in law. She is a full time mom with a full time know the scene, just busy every moment. She will love your site, I am sure.
    Thanks for making this available for those of us who like someone else to do the thinking about the meals.! :)
    I would love to win some groceries!!

  17. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says

    Help! I was going to do #3 but when I click on the link to go to the new site I get “Not Found”
    Today’s the deadline!
    Thanks for your time.

  18. flutemom says

    natalie (and others)- i found if i signed up for #4 first (the email subscription) then when i activated that subscription, i was able to go to the new website (#3)……

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