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Last week I had a few inquiries about Angel Food Ministries. Since I don’t have any personal experience with AFM, I asked my Twitter friends what their experiences had been. Here is a summary of the ministry and the thoughts of those who have used this great ministry.
The mission statement is as follows: “Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief and contributing to benevolent outreaches in communities throughout the United States.” (Taken from their website)
The ministry offers food boxes to those who are struggling financially. Typical boxes include $65 worth of food for just $30. Each month’s menu has a regular food box, a senior food box, a NEW allergen-free food box, as well as special meat boxes, holiday boxes and fresh fruit and vegetable box.
Orders can be placed through participating churches at the beginning of each month and your order can be picked up in the latter days of that same month. Please call a church near you for more specific information about their ordering dates and procedures.
For more on the specifics of how this ministry works, click here.
Here are some testimonies I thought I’d share:
“Angel Food Ministries was a blessing to me, both because of the affordable food (which was better than what we would have bought on our own) and because of the people. I had never felt so loved as when the people boxed up my food, refusing the judge and offering only blessings from God. While I don’t buy from them now that I’ve learned a few grocery tricks and have a few more resources, I will never forget the way they impacted me spiritually, guiding me eventually to Christ.” -Amanda
“Angel Food saved my family money and time. We simply ordered our food and picked our boxes up a few weeks later. They have monthly specials that you are eligible to purchase if you buy the regular box. They are always great deals!” – Christie
“AFM is a great Christ-centered, family-friendly ministry. Families receive over a few weeks worth of dinners plus dairy and fruits/veggies for around $30. They have great products and all of their money goes to help support the cause of Christ.” – Heather from A Day with Jake
Others people shared they did not eat a lot of what was included, or thought the foods were too high in sodium.
In these tough times, Angel Food Ministries is a great ministry that can help your family pinch a few more pennies!

Photo Credit: Cheryl Rollman


  1. Lisa says

    Our church started with the Angel Food Ministries October 2009 & it has been an absolute blessing to our family. Not only has it helped stretch our grocery budget, but the food is the same that you would buy in the store only cheaper. If anyone has any questions, you may go to and read over the information. You can do a location by lookup of the zip code to see if there is any distribution places near you. If anyone has the opportunity to try Angel Food, I would highly recommend it. If you do a search on Angel Food Ministries Coupons you can also find coupons to help make the food even more inexpensive. They also have a way of taking food stamps as well but I think you have to actually order it at the location though.

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