An Update – First Trimester Blechs, Cooking Again?, Fox & Friends in NYC, Thank You!

I recently shared why I’ve been MIA. And then I shared about how I ate ice cream for dinner. And now I’m gonna bring you up to present day. And Lord willing, I’m gonna share a recipe with you this week. (One that doesn’t involve raw meat.)

These last 7 weeks have been interesting, nonetheless.

My love-hate relationship with food started just before Memorial day when I couldn’t stomach my salad. My beloved lunch…a salad everyday, and I couldn’t stomach it.Uh. Oh.

I quickly forgot about my great intentions of eating well, all I wanted was junk food. Salty food. And take-out. It felt very much like an alien had taken over my body and told it to crave everything that I didn’t normally like. But I knew the hormone alien would disappear after the first trimester. And I’m happy to report that he’s on his way out the door.

Last week I was able to cook dinner in the slow cooker (although the smell about did me in when I came in the door that afternoon). Then the next night I was able to think about what we could eat ahead of time and pull out the ingredients. (Steve took it from there.) Then the next night, Steve grilled and I prepped the fruit and veggies for the kids (then I secretly enjoyed a bowl of ice cream while the guys ate…still couldn’t handle the meat on the table.) Following night, Steve made spaghetti and I ate a bowlful. And I’m hoping that I can actually prepare the whole meal from start to finish…tonight.

Toodles, little hormone alien.

Oh yes, and the timing of starting the second trimester could not be any better…as I’m off to NYC on Friday to do a live in-studio segment on the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends morning show. (Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for up the the minute info and behind the scenes picts.) I’m just so so so grateful to be pulling out of the “blechs,” and that I don’t have to worry about turning green on national television. So set your DVRs, as you’re not gonna wanna miss this…in the event that I do turn green and run off the set, you’re gonna want to have this permanently recorded…and I’m gonna need it for my blooper reel!)

Just wanted to thank you all again for bearing with me. I look forward to not hating food, to eating salads again, to cooking again, to blogging and to sharing recipes and tricks with you all! I appreciate your patience more than you know!

Recipe for breakfast enchiladas coming Friday. (I hope.)



  1. Barbara says

    Glad your feeling better,my daughter is pregnant also and about the same as you,the family loves it because she craves something and then tries it and doesn’t want it,so they get the rest,ha!Hopefully she will get pass this,she is so tried all the time,that will pass too.

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