AIRS TONIGHT ~ Erin’s ‘Grocery Budget Makeover’ Segment on ABC’s Nightline

erin chase nightline

{Behind the scenes with Rebecca Jarvis, Julie and Claire, our producer!}

Y’all…it’s airing T.O.N.I.G.H.T…..on ABC…at 12:35 EST/11:35 CST. If you’re a night owl, I hope you’ll stay up to catch the piece! 

Last week, I flew out to New York City to help Julie and her family with their grocery shopping and spending habits. Julie was spending about $200 a week for her family of 4…and she was shocked and astonished at how much we spent on her groceries for the week, plus some goodies for her stockpile. Just goes to show how a little planning can really help stretch your budget!!!

For my non-night owl friends, which is probably most of you!!!, I’ll drop a link here on the site and on Facebook and Twitter, once it’s available online.

Thanks for tuning in y’all!



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