Sidebar Advertising Special – Winter 2011

I have decided to extend the summer advertising rates into the fall…so $5 Dinners will be offering low, low, low prices for sidebar 150×150 banner graphics!

For 1 month, these will only cost a mere $75! Over 500K pageviews per month, this is a real steal!!!

There will be 6 ad spots…set up on a first come, first serve basis, and for 1 month at a time. Please email me your site name, URL and 150×150 logo (HTML would be lovely!), and if you’d like to advertise for more than 1 month.  Prices good for September through December.

Also, I’m going to add 2 newsletter graphics for just $100 month! 55,000 subscribers x avg 4 posts per day x 6 days a week = well over 1 million ad impressions for the month!

I’ll get back to you asap on which month you will advertise and payment arrangement.

Also, each advertising partner will be mentioned some way, some how in a post that goes out to nearly 40K people!

If you’d like to take advantage of this amazing special, email soon!

Couple sidebar spots available for March!

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