Adventures in New York City (plus Fox & Friends)

Woke up Friday morning (the 13th) to some good luck. I checked in for my flight to LaGuardia and waited anxiously for my seat assignment…as I was assuming I’d get a middle seat because airlines are now charging for aisles, windows, and seats in the front of the plane (grrrrr!). But it was no bad luck for me that morning, I was in 4A. Window, and bulkhead. Yay for legroom!

No trouble getting into NYC or the hotel. I spent a few hours resting in the hotel, before heading out to dinner with Toni.  Toni, her daughter and I had a lovely and delicious dinner in the theater district, which ended with this.

I don’t eat dessert at restaurants often, but I decided to treat myself because 7 years ago that night, I was in labor with my oldest. And every mom deserves a little something on their kids’ birthdays, right!?

…then we ran into the Smurfs in Times Square. (I took a picture for the boys! I promise, not just for me!)

And then it was back to the hotel room to take care of all those nitty gritty, everything has to be perfect for national TV things, like iron, fix my hair, paint my nails, etc.

Then it was up early, to head to the studios and get ready. Here’s me…being silly…trying to “stay cool” just before we went live!

And here’s still of the not-so-silly version of myself talking to Alysin.

Photo Credit: Dan Morris

If you’d like to watch the segment and get some of the tips that we share in the Savings Nation classes, you can watch it right here!

And finally, the recipes featured in the segment…enjoy!

If you can’t see the video here, catch it on the Fox & Friends site.

If you’d like to learn more about the Savings Nation classes and how to stop throwing away your hard earned money at the grocery store, check out the Savings Nation homepage to find a class near you.


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    You did a great job on the show! I’m so glad you included the video segment. The meals looked very good. I’ll have to check out the recipes.

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