Meet the Contributors

Meet the lovely and fabulous contributors to $5 Dinners!  They bring you the best recipes and ideas every week.

And if you haven’t “e-met” Erin yet, you can read her story here.

Lindsey – Food Allergies on a Budget

I’m Lindsey, a happily married momma of three. My oldest is on a no foods diet and my youngest is allergic to dairy. I’ve been navigating the food allergy roller coaster for about six years now and love to share what I’ve learned and am learning along the way. Feeding your family well on a restricted diet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I can show you how…find me over at Frugal Food Allergies!

Tricia – Family, Friendly Recipes for Larger Families

Tricia Hodges faces a daily dose of chaos homeschooling five children – preschoolers to middle schoolers. Before her real job as a wife and mother, she was an editor. Now she uses her editing marks on schoolwork and proofreads food labels for allergens. Tricia contributes a blend of writing at parenting and homeschool sites as well as her own daily Hodgepodge.

Dana – Organic & Natural Deals and Recipes

Dana Strohmaier is a registered dietitian who loves to save money almost as much as she likes to eat healthy! She lives in the Chicagoland area with her hubby and three young children. While she is working hard to pay off debt, she blogs about eating healthy on a budget over a

Alea – Family Friendly Recipes

Alea Milham has been married for 21 years to an amazing man, who has the unique ability to fix everything she breaks. They have three children, for whom Alea has forsaken a conventional career to homeschool. Her husband’s career with the Navy has caused them to live a nomadic existence, but has also provided countless field trip opportunities for their children. They currently live on 2 acres in the high desert, where Alea enjoys organic gardening and managing their small menagerie. Alea’s mission is to eliminate food waste in her household through careful planning and repurposing leftovers.

Denise -Family Friendly Recipes for Quadruplets and more

Denise Hoyle is a frugal work-at-home mom of five year old BBGG quadruplets and a six year old son who likes the finer things in life but hates to pay full price. Denise is the creator of the Coupon Clutch, a coupon organizer that is cleverly disguised to look like a designer tote bag plus she shares her shopping deals and saving strategies for eating and living well on a limited budget at  You can find her on Twitter or Facebook and check out her blog for money saving strategies to save on stuff you need, so you can buy the things you want!

Sharon – Family Friendly Recipes for Teenagers and More

Mrs. White has been married for almost a quarter of a century. She is a native of New England and has five children, ages 13 – 23.  Her interests include: Fashion, Shopping, Reading, Traveling
and Writing.  She and her husband owned a rural country store, with a take-out restaurant, in Vermont for 4 years. They are now semi-retired and living in an 1800’s Colonial home on 2 acres of land. They are blessed to have Nana and Grandpa live with them.  You can find her at The Legacy of Home.

Angie- Family Friendly Recipes for a Gaggle of Little People

Angie is a freelance writer who is raising 5 children while actively promoting Proactive Acts of Kindness within your community. She loves to cook, but doesn’t have the time to make long drawn meals. Her theory is “Big Meals, Little Budget”. And major brownie points if at least 3/5ths of the kids will eat it!
You can find Angie on her personal blog, Vivo Bello,  and on Facebook and on Twitter. Vivobello means Live Beautiful. Whether she is helping others in need, laughing at her kids antics, or coming up with great recipes to nourish her family on a budget. Just ask yourself if you can do one kind thing for someone each week. And always..The world isn’t perfect, but we have to try our best to Live Beautiful.


  1. Gail Becker says

    Happy to meet these people. Thanks for all your hard work!!! I like The Legacy of Home on facebook & her website,too!! Thanks Erin for all you do too! Your website is awesome!!!

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