A Night Out with Yanni…His Voices…and My Girls

I just want to say how BLESSED I am to be surrounded, literally, by such fantastic people.  When I started the site, it was me and my lappy.  For a few months.  Until I discovered Twitter.  And the rest is history.

First came the chitter chatter where we all figured out that we lived within 30 miles of each other.

Then came the “night we all first met”…I must admit, I was a little nervous.  I mean…What if they were weird?  Would I recognize everyone from their Twitter photos?  What will we talk about…hadn’t we talked about everything already on Twitter…earlier that day?  Nope.  It was a BLAST!

Then it was Blissdom…6 women. 1 van. 6 hour drive.  Each way. You get the idea!

And ever since we just can’t seem to go 2 weeks without planning a get together.  Seriously.  We do see each other that often.  And I love it!

All that being said…I got to spend the evening with these very very very fine ladies and some of their husbands (they really should have a blog…perhaps a support group for husbands of bloggers!) at the Yanni Voices concert, presented in part by One2One Network. And most of all, AmyinOhio, for hosting a giveaway that I won…so I could go to the concert!!!

Hanging out at dinner before the concert

Myself, Emily from Momminitup, Andrea from MommySnacks and Jenny from Momminitup

Casey from Mooshinindy, Emily from DesignHerMomma, Andrea and Emily waiting anxiously for the elevator to go back stage to meet the “Voices”

Emily, Amy from AmyinOhio, Nathen Pacheco, Jenny, Andrea and myself

Andrea, Chloe, Leslie Mills, Amy and myself

We had a wonderful time hanging out, chatting and getting to meet and talk with the awesome performers after the show!  The concert was phenomenal…the music incredible!  Gifted, gifted musicians and singers! 

Does this have a point?  Yes!

If you are a blogger, I bet you’ve had MANY of those moments where you are talking to an “in real life” friend about a “virtual” friend and the conversation well, trails off…   I had LOTS of those…and still do.

I encourage you to reach out to bloggers living around you, have “tweet-ups” and expand your online community into a “real life” community.  I now don’t have to refer to Andrea, Amy, Jenny, Emily, Casey and Emily and the rest of my bloggy in real life friends as my “virtual friends”.  Because they are my real friends!  (Not that you can’t have “real” “virtual” friends!)  You get the picture! 

Go turn a “virtual” friend into a “real” friend!  You will certainly be blessed!


  1. Carrie says

    Oooohhh!! I saw the Yanni Voices exactly one month ago here in Boston… and recently found out that I am expected Baby #3, who was conceived the night of the show! I am so jealous that you got to meet the performers, especially Nathan Pacheco.

    BTW, I absolutely love your blog! I have been a lurker, but read it faithfully! Thanks so much!

  2. says

    Well, I don’t know you in real life, but I do talk about your site a lot. Especially with my real life friends and family. Today for example my Gram rushed to my house just to show me the pic of you that was published in the Middletown Journal. She said “is this the lady that you talk about with the blog?” I said yup, it is. She was so excited and said wow, she’s a local and a celebrity! I think she was in awe!!!

  3. says

    I’m really glad you posted this because I’ve been following your blog ever since you were on Rachel Ray. I was watching it and all of a sudden it dawned on me that you live in the neighborhood right next to mine in Centerville! Small world! As I kept reading more and more, I kept thinking, gosh, we’d get along so well and maybe our boys could play together, but I didn’t want to seem like some kind of stalker, haha! I don’t have the energy right now with a 2wk old at home to learn about Twitter, but maybe when things settle down I’ll have to enter the 21st century and see what all the hype is about this Twitter thing.

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