7 Recipes to Use Up Your Leftover Ham – From the Archives


The Cross. The Ressurection.

Family. Worship. Celebration.

Food. Ham. Potatoes. Asparagus. Carrots. Pies. Puddings. Cheesecake.

I can almost taste that delicious, sweet, salty, perfectly baked ham. Can’t you?

I love gathering around the table. I love gathering around the table with family. I love gathering around the table with family and catching up, telling stories and cherishing the moment.

If you’re having ham for your Easter dinner, I imagine you’ll have leftovers. Because there are always leftovers. I shall leave you with a few different types of recipes to use up that leftover ham:

Quiche Biscuit Cups – Use ham in place of turkey bacon

Grilled Hawaiian Pizzas

Alea’s Scalloped Sweet Potatoes with Ham

Holiday Ham and Potatoes…the Soup and Sandwich Sequel!

Ranchero Black and Pinto Beans

Ham and Cheese Frittata

Pasta with White Beans and Broccoli

And remember, if you don’t think you’ll use the leftovers right away, slice and/or dice the ham…then freeze!

What’s your favorite recipe that uses up that leftover holiday ham?


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