Welcome to the NEW $5 Dinners!

Welcome to the NEW $5 Dinners Friends!

(If you haven’t been over to the site to check out the new look, I hope you’ll click through!)

First off…a ginormous thank you and big hug to Neil and Jessica from Kohler Created!  They both did a fantastic job in not only creating the new look, but also creating the new layout and making the site much more user friendly.  Their design, vision and coding knowledge is amazing!

New Features

  • Email Subscription OptionsI’m thrilled to share that there are now several different email subscription options for the content on $5 Dinners.  In addition to the daily email option, there is now a weekly recipes newsletter, a weekly gardening newsletter, a weekly savings newsletter and an EXPRESS Coupon Delivery option!  If any of those interest you, please head on over to learn more about these options.  And of course, all the newsletters from $5 Dinners are FREE!
  • Feature Box – The big feature box is back!  And I love it!  With blogging, it’s so easy for content to get buried down the page.  I have resurrected the feature box to highlight all the best content from $5 Dinners, both past and present!  I’ll be updating the featured posts on a weekly basis.
  • Front Page – You may notice that the “front page” looks a little different.  In addition to the feature box, the front page will contain the most recent posts from the blog.  It also has my favorite resources listed down the sidebar, so you can easily find the most important things on the website.  I may update the resources list as time goes by too.
  • Navigation Bar – The Nav Bar has been simplified and broken down into the 4 main categories of the site – Recipes, Coupons, Gardening and How Tos/Savings.  You’ll be able to find what you are looking for faster by clicking through the categories on the nav bar!
  • Blog – The “blog” is still here…if you’d like to continue reading $5 Dinners as if it were a blog (and it still is), then click on the Blog Tab at the top to view it as a blog.

New Contributors

As we finish up the 2nd year of blogging around here, I thought I’d make some additional changes, besides the design.  This whole thing started out as my own journey to spend less at the grocery store, without sacrificing the quality of the food we were eating.  The whole experience has very much been a “one-woman show”…but it’s time to branch out and let others share what works and doesn’t work for them!

While I will still very much be present and sharing 2-3 of our $5 Dinners each week and other money- and time-saving strategies, I’ve decided that I can no longer continue as a “one-woman show.”

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be introducing you to some amazing women! They will be bringing some awesomeness, variety and uniqueness to the website.

I’ll be introducing you to a master gardener and chef, to a woman with 8 children, to another with toddler quads and a 5 year old, to another who lives in-the-middle-of-nowhere and has terrible grocery prices, and to another with several teenagers and college aged kiddos who practically eat her out of house and home, and a few others. I look forward to their valuable input and recipes…and how they feed their families on a budget!

I can’t wait for you all to meet these women. (And no offense to the dudes…if you’re a dude and you feel like you have valuable content and/or recipes to add to the site, feel free to email!)

The first of these amazing women that I’d like to introduce is Jenn K.

You’ll see Jenn here and there…mostly helping out with the coupons posts and giveaways!  She is a delight to work with…super efficient, detail oriented, and knows how to get the job done quickly.  I am thrilled to be working with her and to have her as part of the $5 Dinners Team.  I hope you welcome her and value the time, energy and love she puts into helping you spend less of your hard-earned dollars!

She will make sure you don’t miss out on any of the hottest coupons!

And finally, we appreciate your patience as we finish up the work  from the transfer and get everything all spick and span around here!

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  1. says

    The new site looks great! I look forward to hearing from the new contributors as it seems they come from all stages of life. I have toddlers right now but one of them eats me out of house and home so I think I need to start storing away the advice from the writer with teenagers.

  2. Jen says

    I do like your new site design and the color scheme. Overall, it’s simple yet bold. However, as a Safari user I’m noticing the navigation bar, bio box, side bar menu and couple of other things go beyond your white content box by varying lengths. I’m assuming this isn’t intentional. Just thought you’d like to know.

  3. says


    The site is beautiful. It still has a similar feel so it still feels like home. Congratulations on this new advance! Always my best for your success and thank you for helping others eat well on a budget.


  4. says

    Congratulations on the new site design! That’s always a huge milestone! I’m looking forward to doing that on my site eventually.

    (@Jill – try pressing CNTRL- [that’s the CONTROL key with the dash sign] until the screen width reduces down to something readable for you.)

  5. Wanda says

    Wow! The site is great, but I am having the same problems that Jen is having….and I am a Safari user also. This I just for your info. Keep up the fantastic stuff you do!

  6. Trudy G says

    Have to say I am not fond of certain eatain items on your new page liekt eh feautre box. I went to click on the feature and it had already moved on to the next one and no way to go back.

    I do like how the recent blog posts are listed but overall I would have to say I like this version a lot less than the way it used to be – miss the $5 roll logo that was on the old version!

  7. Trudy G says

    Just realized when I hit the submit button that I misspelled several words in the first sentence and even had an extra word (eatain???). The sentence should have read – “Have to say I am not fond of certain items on your new page like the feature box.”

    I should not try to type when I have a headache. My apologies!!!!

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