$5 Dinners Segment on Rachael Ray – Available Online

The segment featuring $5 Dinners on Rachael Ray on Tuesday is now available online!

Click here to watch!

I have received MANY emails with questions from the segment!  I plan to answer them over the next few weeks!  Starting tonight…with a description of my coupon binder!


  1. says

    I got on yesterday to tell you that you did great and I couldn’t get on your site due to traffic! So great job, a day late! And I wanted to give you an idea for a meal… bierocks and german potato salad! If you’ve never had them, you’ve got to! My husband had been wanting them and it surprised me how good they were.

  2. says

    Erin, I want to thank you for all of your FAT ( frugal and tasty) recipes! You have saved my hide and wallet countless times. :)Congratulations on the Rachael Ray segment! Well deserved and Well done!

    Peace – Rene

  3. says

    Wow, I just watched it! So pretty you are! I like the erasable calendar for the fridge! Where’d you find it? I need one depserately! I’m not getting into really ‘cooking’ so I’ll be checking out your recipes!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. says

    Very awesome and very inspiring. I have a small blog that isn’t majorly popular, but I did link you in one of my posts because I love your blog and wanted to share. I’m so in the mood to clip coupons now…way to go!

  5. says

    I just watched your Rachel Ray spot the other day & made a note to look up your blog and surprise, surprise, I already have you listed in the blogs I read section of my blog, guess putting 2 & 2 together isn’t my strong suit! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes!

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing,Erin. I have so many coupons now that I think I’ll get a file for my coupons like you have. I have some from the internet as well. Just recently there were good sales on Ghiradelli baking chips. Bought on sale then found coupons so went back to store and bought more. I love these chips for making fudge and holiday breads to give away. Best chocolate ever!!!

  7. Claire says

    I just watched this for the first time today. I didn’t know of you back then. I wonder if I watched it and just don’t remembe ? Who knows. I used to watch RachaelRay alot, now with 6 littlle ones I spend my time trying to save $$$. Thank you for your cookbook and you website! I won on day 5. I can not wait to get it and make some yummy things. ii have always tried to cook low cost meals but they were the same all the time. You have taught me to stock up my freezer and spread the protiens out. Which I am amazed how well it works! my freezer is happy and full. I just need to work on the beans someday. Thank you for your inspiration.


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