$5 Dinners for Baby – Part 1

Welcome to a 4 part series on $5 Dinners for Baby! I hope you find this information useful and practical!

First, I highly recommend getting your hands on the book, Super Baby Food, by Ruth Yaron. It has all the information you will need for preparing food for your baby and young toddler. In this series, I intend to give you ideas and a glimpse of how I made baby food for my boys!

The goal for $5 Dinners for Baby is to make 2 meals (lunch and dinner) for a week for $5!

Meal #1
1 chicken breast ($1) or other leftover chicken from crockpot
2 sweet potatoes ($1)
1 cup green beans (fresh and steamed or frozen and thawed) ($.50)

Meal #2
1 cut pork (1 pork chop, slice pork loin or roast) ($.75)
1 butternut squash ($1.29)
1 cup peas (I used thawed frozen peas) ($.50)

*Note: Do not use these combinations unless your baby has tried each food individually and has no allergic reaction to them.

Total Cost $5.04


Amount – It is likely that your baby/young toddler will eat 3 cubes per meal. For a week, then you will need 21 cubes for each meal (or 1.5 ice cube trays filled!) For this, you will need a total of 3 trays for the 2 meals.

Process – All products need to be cooked! Combine each item in a food processor or blender. You will need to add water to help puree the foods together. I start by adding a cup or water, then add a little more to get the consistency I want. Remember that if you puree comes out “too watery”, that OK because you can add rice or other grain cereal just before you serve it to your baby to thicken it up.
Once pureed, you can pour the mixture into ice cube trays. After food cubes have frozen, break them into a freezer bag or tupperware for storage.
To serve, thaw cubes on counter or in freezer. It is not recommended to thaw in the microwave, but 3 cubes generally will thaw in 45-50 seconds (varies by microwave!). Mix in a little rice cereal if necessary!

Baby will enjoy healthy and nutritious meals made with love and care!

Mom and Dad will feel great satisfaction in serving their baby wholesome foods, and in saving a few bucks!

If you were to buy 14 pre-made jarred baby foods at $.89 each, you would spend $12.46 for 2 meals. A week! The difference is $7.42! A week! If you make your own baby food for 6 months, you will save almost $200! That’s big money that you can put into an educational IRA!

Happy Baby Food Making!


  1. Mrs. Bargain Hunting Wife says

    I hopped over from Happy to be at Home! I saw that you were in the DR. I was there for a couple weeks working at COCREF schools and teaching Bible School near Sabana Grande de Boya. Just wondering where you were!

    And I made pork tenderloin and potatoes in the crock pot earlier this week. I cut my tenderloin in 1/3s too for multiple uses :)

  2. Jennifer says

    I did this when both of my kids were babies and it was awesome! They actually wouldn’t even eat the jar stuff because it didn’t taste as good.

    Another tip – I always took part of what we were eating out before I added all the seasoning and did the same thing. I would add just a teeny bit of salt when they got a little bigger, but that was it. I used any kind of meat and veggies we were eating. It was so easy just to take out a little and throw it in the food processor and freeze. I wasn’t having to go to any extra trouble (cooking anything separately) and they ate very well. I did it with soups as well, and just added some rice to thicken them up. So easy, and I sure did save a lot of money!

  3. Chubbie Chica says

    We would go get a little mini blender and take our left over food and but it in the blender to make it the correct concistancy for our child’s age. We would store them in the used baby jar/plastic containers. This really saved us a bunch and our little one seemed to love it!

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