$5 Dinners Featured in Local Newspaper

$5 Dinners is being featured in a new column in the local newspaper called “Here’s the Deal”. I was interviewed this past week by the columnist. I am featured this week as the “Shopper of the week”. The site will also be featured in next Sunday’s paper!

Here is the link to the article. Scroll down to the second part of the column to find out a little of the history behind $5 Dinners. With more to come next week…

Welcome to those of you who are new! If you’d like a frugal dinner delivered to your inbox everyday, just subscribe via email over there on the right side of the page! And there are some “New to $5 Dinners” links up on the left sidebar!

Welcome and I hope you join in the frugal fun!

An exciting giveaway starts tonight…and tomorrow is the Inaugural $5 Dinner Challenge!


  1. jean says

    You’re becoming a celebrity! First a TV appearance, and now an article in the Sunday paper! Congrats! I just live up the road from you, so I’ve been following your blog closely for the “hot spots” to shop in the area.

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